Saturday, March 2, 2013

One year follow up with Dr. Graham

Well it has been one year since Dylan has been in to see his oncologist, Dr. Graham. He is now on a rotation of visits of 6months to a year, depending on how he is doing. Praise God that he is overall a super healthy boy! He gets the normal kid stuff from the germy kids at school, but cancer wise, he is PERFECT!! Doctor Graham was impressed with his overall health and was very happy to see Dylan. In the cancer world, there are so many "bad" cases, so the miracle cases like Dylan seem to cheer everyone up. How can you not love his smile?! Well, that is, if he smiles during the appointment. He always hates going to the doctor. But this time he did surprisingly well while getting his vitals. I do not think there has been a time where he did not bawl the entire time they did them. This time he just observed and allowed the nurse to do her job. I was a little shocked and very proud! He is growing up!
Speaking of growing up, Dylan has grown 2 inches and 2.5lbs in a year. Although we are happy there is progress, he is still on the small side and not growing as fast as he should. We have gone to anendocrinologist before and all of his labs were perfect. So for now, we wait and rejoice with every little milestone and inch our little munchkin can get! We have been concerned for quite some time with Dylan's development, mainly speech. He is only using about 15-20 words on a regular basis and seems to not be able to put some sounds together. The doc is not sure why this is happening. He has treated many, many kiddos and this is not too common, at least not this delayed. He wants to do a full developmental screening along with a possible MRI to rule out any kind of brain damage from his treatments. Since we currently do not have insurance for Dylan, this may be a difficult task. It would cost thousands of dollars for both of these things. We are going to try and apply for another government program in April once Dylan turns 4. He was denied last year, but we can try again. Please pray for us to be able to find some sort of affordable program to provide for his needs. God is the ultimate healer and has healed Dylan of his cancer. We know He can also take care of the little details such as insurance too! Dylan will be seeing his eye doctor on March 4th. We are going to attempt to use the new snazzy tool to take his pressure in the office. PLEASE pray that this works!
If it does not work, then we know that God will provide the funds to do the procedure under anesthesia.
We are so very thankful for every single day with our spunky little Dylan. He is a daily reminder of God's faithfulness and grace. Thank you for being faithful friends and prayer warriors! We love you guys!!
The following picture is the last part of the visit and Dylan was DONE! He cracks me up :)
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