Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Day 16....week 4 of treatments

Hi guys!! I cannot believe we are going on our 4th week of treatments.  I did not have the EEG photo last week when I posted results, so here it is.  The first baseline EEG is the one on top and the most recent one is on the bottom.

In the first EEG, you can see that most peak activity is on the 6 bar range.  In the second EEG, done two weeks later, the activity has pushed past the 6 and is peaking on the 8 bar (it's hard to see the numbers on the chart)  If you look at the circle diagrams on the right, you can also see where the brain activity is shifting.  When we first met with the doctor, he said he wanted to see more color in the 2nd of the 3 brain images.  The first EEG shows all blue in the second circle, but when you look at the most recent EEG diagram, you can see that there is a lot more color action in the 2nd circle!! This is AWESOME!! The doctor was very pleased with the progress in just two short weeks!! 

Although we are having fun over here in the amazing California weather, we are also missing our family and friends! We have decided to drive home for Easter!! We are all so excited! What better time to come home and be with family and friends?! Erik is flying back early on Wednesday to take care of some business stuff and then I will be driving home with the kids on Friday after therapy in the morning.  Please, PRAY FOR ME! I have done it once before but it is definitely not on my favorites list of things to do with my munchkins! I am thankful we are able to leave early because I tend to get sleepy while driving.  I will be making a lot of phone calls and cranking the music!! We have to keep the trip short and drive back on Monday morning.  Dylan's follow up EEG is on Monday.  We were thankful that they could schedule it late in the day and that we will not be missing any treatments.  

Progress Update:  We have not noticed too much over the past week.  Dylan is definitely more vocal about his needs and wants and pushes the envelope on what he is and is not allowed to do.  He has become a kissing monster.  Not sure where this has come from, but it is a welcomed new habit! He acts as though he has adopted the european culture of kissing on the cheeks upon greeting people! That, and smelling hair! Every woman he greets, he sniffs their hair, multiple times.  And then sometimes, if you're lucky (or NOT lucky) he will stick his finger in your ear.  Dylan is strange.  There is no denying his goofiness! But the kissing thing is hilarious and I love it! It makes me feel so special and loved when he kisses me multiple times accentuating the "Muah" kissing sound! SO CUTE!! That is, until he he starts to kiss the door and the wall and whatever else is around.  I told you....he is a funny little one!! 

Well, I think that is all for now! I will have more to share later! There is always something to talk about when it comes to D! Have a great day!!  

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Well, today was the BIG day! We sat down with Dr. Alex not knowing exactly what to expect.  He asked us a bunch of questions regarding Dylan's behavior and things we have been noticing.  One thing that I have not written about is his drawing.  He has a magnadoodle that he uses quite frequently and I have noticed that his drawings have been changing a lot! He would normally just draw uneven circles and squiggly lines.  Then he started to draw more oval shapes and have lots of "legs" sticking out of them.  He LOVES drawing and coloring.  Then yesterday, I drew a picture of a stick person and then he traced over it.  I told him to draw one next to mine.  I had to prompt him as to what to draw, but he did all of  the drawing himself.  I tried this about a month ago and he did not understand it at all! This time, he did it! I was so excited! When I told the doc about the drawings and everything else we have seen, he sat back in his chair with a huge smile on his face.  And that is when I knew....it is not random, it is not in my head....Dylan is changing!!! His brain is changing!!! The therapy is WORKING! PRAISE GOD!!!!

March 12th

March 23rd

March 25th

Dr. Alex went on to show us his EEG.  He said he was really impressed with the results.  Dylan's first EEG showed that Dylan's nuerons were firing off in the "6" range and our goal is to push those peaks to "8".  According to this last EEG, many parts of Dylan's brain are now pushing the peaks into the "8" range.  It was amazing to see!! Unfortunately, I did not get his EEG emailed to me today so I will post it when I get it.  It was incredible to see the change! Dr. Alex was so excited and thinks that this therapy can really help Dylan.  He said that he does not know the extent of what Dylan's brain will do or how much it will help, but we will continue with the therapy until he plateaus for 2 EEGs.  He said that there is always a plateau, but everyone is different on how long it takes to get there.  So, what does that mean for us?  That means that San Diego will be our home for at least another month, but most likely longer.  We are ready to do whatever we need to do to get Dylan the help he needs to better understand his world! This is so exciting!

Dr. Alex explained Dylan's state of mind to us in a unique way.  He said that Dylan is in a dream like state of mind.  His brain is foggy and now he is waking up.  He described it as us waking up in the morning....still groggy and not fully aware of everything, but still awake.  Dylan is now going to be processing everything differently, and he will be more aware of things going on around him.   He said to expect Dylan to catch up with behavioral problems too.  Like the terrible 2's.  This is something we have been seeing a lot of for the past few days.  Dylan is usually a very easy and go with the flow kid.  Not now.  He has an opinion about everything!! And while it is frustrating and challenging, it is INCREDIBLE to see him fight us on things.  Please pray for us as we re-learn how to parent him.  I feel that parenting is the hardest thing on the planet to do and we are constantly learning and changing how we do things from trial and error....and this will be no exception.

So, here we are.  We are living in paradise and trying to soak it all in.  The boys are enjoying the beach life as much as we are and we feel completely blessed to be on this little adventure.  Although we miss our home and friends, family, and church....this has been a good growing time for us.  I am the type of person that typically has everything planned out a week or two in advance and I can't plan anything at this time.  I am realizing now how important it is for me to soak in life with my family and not have to have something planned every second of the day.  Baby steps :) Growing hurts sometimes, but then God still blesses us in the end....how amazing is His GRACE?!

I cannot wait to see what God has in store for Dylan and our family! Thank you for joining us on our journey!!!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Day 10....EEG

Today was Dylan’s second time getting an EEG.  We have been looking forward to this and dreading it at the same time! Dylan’s last EEG did not go over well and we were expecting a similar experience this time.  What we got was a nice surprise! Dylan actually did amazingly well.   Jackie (a speech therapist volunteering with the clinic whom we LOVE!) started the morning by distracting Dylan and playing with him.  While she was distracting him, the other Jackie (whom we also  LOVE!) was able to put the belt around his chest without him even noticing.  Dylan has gotten to know these two lovely ladies over the past two weeks and is really comfortable around them.  The next step was to put the cap on.  I thought for sure that this was going to be when the freak out session began…but it did not.  In fact, he was actually smiling while she put the cap on!!! Who is this child?! This can only be explained by all of your prayers, because this was not typical Dylan behavior.  Thank you for your prayers!! Check out the video to see how calm he was when they were putting on the cap! It was so shocking to all of us!! 

Now that we had the cap on, we had to keep him still.  He was not the biggest fan of daddy holding him still, but he did not fight nearly as much as last time.  Erik had to hold him really still and hold his eyes closed for at least 20-30 seconds at a time.  That is about the max we could get out of Dylan before he started to really squirm.  Jackie thinks that she was able to get some pretty good reading to get to the doctor. We are really anxious to hear about the results of this EEG.  The results should be able to tell us whether or not the therapy is working and give us an idea of what is going on is his little head.  We have an appointment to go over the EEG with the doctor on Thursday.  Right now, Thursday feels like weeks away! I just want to know now!! LOL! Oh the lessons that the Lord has been teaching me through this whole process…..it has been so hard at times, but good for me :)   

We did our regular MRT session after the EEG and Dylan is finally getting to the point where he does not fight it and just goes with the flow.  I am glad it only took two weeks to get into the swing of things.  Andrew really enjoys going and playing with Jackie while the other Jackie is working with Dylan.  He loves the Jackies! We all do. We feel completely blessed to have such a great team working with Dylan.  We had no idea what to expect or who we would be working with, but we have been blown away by the amazing people who work on the team.  Every person in the office has treated us so kindly and all of them are in love with Dylan.  We feel comfortable when walking through the doors and they welcome our crazy kids with open arms.  BLESSED.  There have been so many details that have come together for all of this to  happen and that can only be described as “A GOD THING”…to God be the glory for everything that has happened and everything that is going to be! 

We had such a fun weekend! We met with friends on Thursday for dinner and some night time fun at the beach.  Then we visited Erik’s uncle in LA on Saturday and enjoyed a nice drive up the Pacific Coast Freeway and seeing all the beaches.  Then on Sunday, more friends came into town and we spent the day with them at the beach! I LOVE SPRING BREAK! Can we just make spring break last longer so more friends can come?! We headed back to Sea World today with those friends and were able to ride some of the rides because we had more adults to split up with the kids.  Andrew is about an inch too short to ride all of the bigger rides and was completely bummed.  Although, I am pretty sure he would have been terrified the entire time on the ride if he was able to go.  So Dylan, Andrew and I stayed behind and watched everyone else get wet on the ride :) It is nice having the season passes, but I think Erik is done with Sea World.  BUT IT IS FREE! We have to go a few more times! Maybe I will give him a week or two to forget about how much he loves it there!! 

Thank you for everyone following along with us and praying for our little miracle! We are excited to see what God has in store for us! 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Day 8 & 9.....Progress

Day 8 & 9.  Erik has taken Dylan to clinic by himself the past couple of days.  Dylan seems to do better with the treatment when little brother is not there to distract him….plus he gets all of the attention, so who would not like that?  He seems to be getting more and more used to the process every day.  Today marks two weeks since Dylan’s last seizure! PRAISE GOD!! We have not seen any type of seizure activity and we are really excited about that! Let’s hope and pray that those are something of the past.  

Yesterday, I was watching Dylan play a new block game on the iPad.  He has not played it many times and yesterday was probably his 3rd time on it.  I watched him play it the day before and he really didn’t get it.  There are shapes that go around on a conveyer belt and you are supposed to grab the shape that goes up on the stage to create an animal or object.  The game prompts you by flashing the shape with a grey duplicate of that shape.  The first time when I watched him play, he just kept picking up random blocks and trying to put them on the spaces.  Even after I showed him what to do, he kept just doing it randomly and was not really paying attention.  Then yesterday, he was sitting next to me playing it and I noticed that he “built” the animal quite quickly.  I thought it was a coincidence, so I just sat and watched him for a while.  He did it again and again and was very intent when looking for the correct shape and was able to complete the task quickly and efficiently.  Erik and I were both very surprised.  PRAISE GOD FOR PROGRESS! Something clicked in his little head.  Erik told Dr. Alex about the things we have been noticing lately and he was very pleased.  He said he was looking forward to seeing some changes in his EEG next week!! Here's a video of him playing :) 

After clinic, we packed our lunches and headed to Sea World for the day! Last week when we went, Dylan could barely hold still for 5 minutes during the show—which was completely normal for him.   Today, he sat through two 20 minute shows! He was still a little wiggly, but a lot better than even last week.  We saw two different shows that we did not see last week.  One was a pet show that was really cute! They had dogs and cats that did different tricks and ran around and the boys thought it was hilarious! From there, we headed straight to the dolphin show.  Dylan was not too thrilled with the dolphins, but Andrew loved them! Part of the show includes acrobats that jump off the high platforms into the water….Dylan LOVED this part of the show! He was laughing and clapping and screaming with delight.  Everyone around us was equally entertained by Dylan.  He has the tendency to entertain others everywhere he is! 

One of the biggest changes we have noticed with Dylan is his energy level.  Although he always has an abundance of energy, it has definitely increased.  Usually, after an active day, Dylan is ready to calm down around 3 or 4 and will even take naps around 1 if we are home.  Lately, he is the energizer bunny on red bull! Seriously.  Crazy.  He is having a hard time falling asleep right away at night too, which normally is not the case.  Thankfully, he still sleeps really well through the night and is his bright and cheery self at 6 am ready to start the day with all engines roaring! We love seeing the changes, and although they are small, they are promising!! 

I will leave you with some photos I took the other day before I shot my cousin’s graduation photos.  ENJOY!!! Thank you for all of your continued prayers!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Day 7....Chugging Along

Day 7….Today was Dylan’s 6th treatment with MRT.  We were really hoping to see changes by now, but we have not seen anything too drastic.  He seems to be using longer sentences in the past few days and using a lot of describing words.  Dylan usually speaks in 3-4 word sentences but does not use descriptive words.  On Saturday, we were on the freeway and a motorcycle went speeding by.  Dylan said, “Whoa!! That was a fast car!” Erik and I both looked at each other in awe of what he just said.  Progress?? Yes.  Progress from MRT?? Hopefully!! It is hard to gauge his activity level and if it has increased because we are in a new environment and he is ALWAYS very active.  He is the energizer bunny.  If I could bottle up just a tenth of his energy, I could sell it for millions! 

We are waiting anxiously for next week’s EEG to see what is going on in that little adorable head of his.  We will have the EEG on Monday and then meet with the doctor on Thursday to go over the results.  I think Dylan is finally getting used to the treatments and what is expected of him.  Erik still has to hold him still and close his eyes during the 6-8 seconds while the probe is one his head, but he is not fighting it as much.  Every day he reacts differently…so hopefully we are heading in the right direction!! He loves the Jackies! There is a speech therapist there named Jackie and the girl who administers the MRT is also named Jackie.  He loves the attention.  When one of the ladies is talking to Andrew, Dylan pipes up and starts being super silly to get the attention back on him.  He is such a little entertainer.  

We had a great weekend off from going to clinic.  On Friday, we got to try a new restaurant with friends who came out for a few days for vacation. The food was amazing and the company was even better! We loved seeing familiar faces and getting to enjoy a great meal with them.  It is definitely nice to be located in a vacation destination…we are enjoying all the visitors!  On Saturday, we took the boys to Sea World.  They have a promotion right now that if you buy a one day ticket, you get to go for free the rest of the year! It was a great deal and we are excited to be able to take the boys for a few hours every week.  Andrew was in awe of all of the animals and really loved the whales.  Dylan liked running everywhere and really enjoyed the few rides that they have added to the children’s area.  We hit most of the areas of the park but missed a few shows.  We can get to those next week…or the week after.  

It is nice being able to just relax and not have to squeeze everything in within a tight timeframe.  I feel that every time we come here for vacation we are rushing to get everything done.  Now we can take our time and explore and see things we would not normally have time for.  On Sunday we tried a local church and it really made us miss our church family from Surprise.  We are hoping to find a solid church to attend while we are here.  Afterwards, we were invited to a friend’s house for lunch and had a wonderful time catching up with an old friend of Erik’s.  We also got to see Erik’s cousin Kelsey and her friend who were staying with the family.  Yesterday we headed to a new beach to get some graduation photos of Erik’s cousin Kelsey.  It was fun to try a new beach and capture some photos of the boys too! I will probably post those tomorrow after I can edit a few!   

Today, we met up with my sister and her husband before they returned home from their vacation.  Uncle Joshy and Auntie Mandy are two of the kids favorite people! They were so excited to see them! After grabbing lunch, we headed to Cabrillo National Monument in Point Loma.   If you have never been there, it is a great spot! Beautiful views and they have some really great tide pools to explore.  The kids really enjoyed it too! It was fun going somewhere that we have never been.  The boys loved seeing all the crabs in the tide pools and had a great time exploring.  It was really sad to say goodbye to our family, but I have a feeling they may have to take another break and come and see us again! We are so blessed to be able to see more visitors tomorrow who are here on spring break!  

I think that is all for now.  I will leave you with some photos of today from our little outing :) ENJOY!! 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Day 5....Adjustment

Day 5.  I cannot believe we have already been here a week!! Dylan was still unhappy with us today and started getting pretty frustrated towards the end of the therapy.  He was fed up, and he was not quiet about it! But, now he has a weekend off :) 

As we were doing the treatment today, we were talking with Jackie (the girl who does the treatment on Dylan), and we were discussing about different kids that she has worked with.  She said that she did not want to scare us, but many of the kids have needed 5-6 months of treatments and in some cases, more.  We have initially prepared ourselves for 3 months knowing that it could be less or more.  I can’t lie, when she said that, my heart dropped.  Of course we will do everything we can to do what is best for Dylan, but we miss our home.  For those of you who don’t know, we rented out our house for Spring Training this year.  We moved out of our home at the beginning of February and have been living out of suitcases since.  I am not complaining, but just being honest….I miss home. I miss my bed.  I miss the normalcy of every day…and we have only been here a week.  Please pray for me specifically.  I tend to be a HUGE planner, and all of this is completely out of my control.  I know that is exactly where the Lord wants me and is teaching me and stretching me, but it is still hard.  Pray that we can get into a new routine and a new normal, for now.  The boys are so confused, and Andrew keeps asking to go home.  We are really enjoying the perks of being on the coast and plan to take full advantage of that…so it’s not all too bad :)  

Sleeping in the same room with the boys presents it’s own challenges.  Overall, they both sleep great, but Andrew has crazy dreams and talks a lot in his sleep.  Last night he woke up screaming “NO! NO! NO!” I felt so bad for him, maybe thinking he was being chased by a something or someone….but then he continued…”Don’t take my sandwich! That’s my sandwich!”  Oh Andrew….such scary dreams :) I got him settled down and assured him that nobody was taking his sandwich and returned to bed and to my snoring husband.  What is it like to be a man and NOT HEAR A THING?? EVER?!? I would not know…I hear EVERYTHING.  

Today we headed down to Horton Plaza in downtown San Diego.  I love it there. We walked around and enjoyed being outdoors and window shopping.  They are doing a lot of construction outside of the mall, so the boys enjoyed watching the big diggers gather dirt and dump it.  Andrew was enthralled.  Dylan was enthralled with something else….THE DOORS! The Gap there had automatic doors…and oh boy, Dylan was ECSTATIC! I took a little video so you can see how much he loves them! 

Thank you for checking in on us and following along on this new adventure!! 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Day 4....EEG Review

Day 4.  Today went a little smoother.  But still not the best.  Hopefully after a few more days, Dylan will stop fighting us and just give in and relax.  The therapy does not hurt him at all, he just has to hold still, something he dislikes very much! 

We met with Dr. Alex today.  He is one of 3 doctors that are in charge of the program.  He is the one who insisted that Dylan gets a spot in the study, even though the other doctor running the program has a ton of candidates.  Go Dr. Alex! We got to see Dylan’s EEG today and were able to go over it with the doc.  I will try to explain it the best way I can in normal human terms.  Basically Dylan’s cells in his brain are only firing off at a low level and not what they should be.  The average brain cell range is between 8-13 and Dylan is barely at a 6.  He said that from the EEG, they would expect to see Dylan have significant delays because his brain is just not functioning the way it was meant to.  He said that his EEG does not look like the typical case of a child with autism either.  That was interesting.  We have never had him diagnosed with anything other than a cognitive disability (mental retardation), but have wondered if he was on the autism spectrum. 

This is Dylan's first EEG...if you can read this, then you are WAY smarter than me :) I just want to have a copy on here for future reference.  But basically the blue lines need to go further in the graph....I think??? 

Something else that many of you may not know is that Dylan has been having seizures.  This is new to us.  They started at the beginning of February (and one in January) and he has had 10 that we have seen.  They last about 10 seconds and he is completely “gone” during that time.  As soon as it is over, he is back to his silly self.  The docs don’t seem too worried about it at this time and we are just watching him to see if he gets any worse.  This treatment can also help with the seizures.  With regular EEGs, we should be able to see the part of his brain that is having the seizures and target that with the therapy to help.  His last seizure was a week ago today, so that is good.  

I finally understand a little more about what the therapy does.  Basically the magnetic stimulus is working out the cells in Dylan’s brain.  They are weak and they don’t want to work hard, so the magnetic shocks are making them work harder.  This is supposed to cause the cells to work harder on their own and then fix the problems on their own in the process.  Does that make sense? The doc talked about one patient they had that had severe autism and was very low functioning.  Two years after being treated, the boy shows absolutely no signs of autism and is a perfectly healthy little boy.  The brain is a magnificent and incredible thing….and no wonder, look WHO created it! We should be able to see a change in Dylan’s cells on the next EEG.  That is what will give us a good baseline of whether or not it is working for him.  Please pray with us that his brain does well at the “Gym”….they need a good work out and they need to get on board! I cannot even begin to tell you how incredibly amazing it would be to have a conversation with my little boy.  I desire that so much.  I know that if this does not work, then that is ok too.  But I know that we serve an almighty and powerful God who can do more than we can ask or imagine.  So I am asking for a miracle.  Can you pray with me and ask for one too?!  

And here are a few photos from our beach fun today...the kids completely wore themselves out and passed out at 6! YAY!!! One of these days I will bring out my big girl camera, but for now, iphone photos will have to do :) ENJOY!! 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Day 3....Getting into a Routine

Hi everyone! Today was our third day going to the clinic.  Dylan and Andrew love running up the stairs to see who gets to open the door first.  Dylan is a big fan of doors. BIG FAN.  I don't know how else to explain it other than he is fascinated with them.  If we go to a store with automatic doors, you would think he was at Disneyland.  He will stand there and jump up and down and flap his arms with excitement to watch them open and close.  I love that he is so easily entertained! That kind of brings me to my next thought....I don't want that to change.  I am so torn about this process.  I know that if it works, it could help Dylan in so many ways, but I just don't want him to change in some ways either. He is such a goofy and quirky kid, and although those qualities drive me nuts sometimes, they are also what I love about him so much.  I know that may sound silly...but I just want Dylan to still be Dylan.
So anyways.....I don't think he will ever stop liking doors :)

Today Dylan sat on Daddy's lap so that I could help corral the other munchkin and distract Dylan. They need him to close his eyes during the short bursts (6-8 seconds) so there is less stimulation. While this may seem like an easy task....it is not for D.  When it is not his idea or something he wants to do, he fights it with all of his might.  We had to take off his shoes (aka, his weapons) and his glasses so that we could physically close his eyes for him.  He was NOT happy with us.  He started to calm down about half way through.  I think that we are learning new tricks with him every day.  Tomorrow, we will probably take off his shoes and glasses while we are in the play room waiting for his session....that way he will get used to them being off.  That is the plan for tomorrow!

We had a relaxing day after clinic and got lunch in town and spent way too much money.  It is expensive here!! After naps, we walked down to a neighborhood park about 10 minutes away.  It was GORGEOUS there! Huge trees and a large area of green grass and a small playground for the kids.  Erik brought along his favorite toy too--his frisbee! We played frisbee for almost two hours and just enjoyed being outside.  Dylan and Andrew thought it was hilarious when one of us missed the throw or tripped over ourselves trying to catch it! They both tried to play along but can't quite get how to throw it yet.  It was a beautiful evening and we really enjoyed it! We feel so completely blessed to be here right now.  We feel that this is exactly where the Lord wants us and He has BIG plans in store for our family!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Day 2.....First day of MRT

Hi guys!

Well today went MUCH better than yesterday!! The doctor was able to get the perfect amount of information from his EEG--PRAISE GOD!!! Dylan's next scheduled EEG is on the 23rd.  The docs say that we should be able to see a difference in Dylan within the first 1-2 weeks if it is working, but some people may take longer.  Sometimes they can see a difference in the behavior, and sometimes the difference shows in the EEG before it can be seen in the person's behavior.  One of the side effects is extra energy....LORD HELP ME!! I do not think it is possible for Dylan to have any more energy.  As I am writing this, I am trying to get the kids to just sit for 5 minutes and watch a show instead of tackling each other incessantly! Life with boys can be challenging sometimes :)

So today we had his first actual treatment with the MRT.  We did not know how Dylan would react to having the wand against his head.  At first, he was a little apprehensive, but we brought reinforcements this time (Ducky and M&Ms) and they helped tremedously! The session lasts approximately 30 minutes.  It consists of 30 intervals of 8 seconds with a 52 second break in between.  Ideally, it is best if Dylan sits back and closes his eyes to avoid stimulation, but at this point in the process, we will take anything.  He actually did quite well after the first couple of times.  You can see in the video that they just place the magnetic pulse machine on his frontal lobe.  They will move it to different parts of his brain as needed.  We will go to the treatment center every weekday and rest on the weekends.

Dylan is such a little flirt and really enjoys the attention he gets from the ladies in the office.  Today, he was smelling their hair and rubbing it all over his face.  He often does this with my hair.  He is such a goof! He already has them wrapped around his finger! One of the challenges when doing the treatment was keeping Andrew busy or away from me.  He is such a mama's boy and was freaking out that I was holding Dylan and HAD to be on my lap too.  We will have to maybe keep him with Daddy in the play room tomorrow.  That was a little hard to juggle today!

We headed to the park and beach again after therapy and had lunch.  We could really get used to this!! We were not prepared for any swimming, but the boys wanted to splash around anyway.  Enjoy the video! Andrew is a nut and Dylan enjoyed picking up the wet sand and throwing it into the water.  Tomorrow we plan on spending the whole day there and will be more prepared.  We feel so blessed to have a little vacation time while going through the therapy.

Thanks again for all of your prayers!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Day 1--MRT Treatment

Hi guys! Well, we are getting settled here in California in our new home away from home.  I guess if we have to be away, La Jolla/San Diego area is not the worst place to be!! When we originally found out that we would be coming here, we started looking for places to stay.  Everywhere we looked was around $1000 a week!!! We knew that would be next to impossible for us to afford, so we prayed for a place to stay.  We were amazingly blessed with a condo that is just 10 minutes from the treatment center and 10 minutes from the beach!! Best of all, the owners are letting us stay here for FREE.  If that is not a God thing, then I don't know what is! We are completely blown away by how He has provided for us thus far and are excited to see what He has in store!

 Today was our first day going to the treatment center.  The staff was really nice and everyone fell in love with Dylan immediately.  We met with an amazing speech therapist that is here donating her time and the boys had a fun time playing in the playroom with her.  On the first day of treatment Dylan had to get an EEG.  An EEG is a test that detects electrical activity in your brain using electrodes.  Your brain cell communicate via electrical impulses and are active all the time, even when you're asleep.  This activity shows up as wavy lines on an EEG recording (BTW, I totally stole that description off of the internet:)  In order to get the EEG, they had to place a cap on Dylan's head with two suction cup-type things on the front.  If you know Dylan, then you know that this was no small task.  After they tried to bribe and convince D to try to put the cap on with no luck, we had to force it on him.  I had him on my lap and he was fighting with all of his might.  Now, Dylan may look small, but I am pretty sure he has the strength of a teenage boy! HE IS STRONG! After about 10 minutes, they finally got the cap in place and he continued to scream and fight for another 10-15 minutes....we were all exhausted.  Once the cap was on, they had to clip little things to his ears....ya, that went over really well! Then they proceeded to put gel into all the little holes of the cap....again, more fighting and yelling from the abnormally strong little 5 year old.   He finally settled down and relaxed a bit in my arms, but I still had him held down in case he tried to pull off the cap (he tried about 10 times!).  In order to get a good reading, they need the patient still and closing their eyes for at least 20 seconds....I just laughed at them.  At least he was still for a while.  I am hoping that they were able to get some good readings from the times he was holding still.  I looked over at the screen a few times and it looked like Dylan had been coloring on it! The lines were EVERYWHERE!  Dylan was very relieved when the cap was off and all of a sudden, he was best friends with everyone again.  I am glad he forgives so quickly :) 

You can see in the photo where the suction cups were on his head.

Since it was such a traumatic morning, we decided to go to the park and the beach after naps to let the boys get some energy out and take some stress off of mommy and daddy.  There is a big park right next to the beach about 10 minutes from where we are staying.  We packed up a dinner and had a picnic with an ocean view...it was amazing! It was just what we needed! We may just have to do it tomorrow....and the next day....and the next!
Tomorrow, Dylan will start the MRT treatment as long as the doctor was able to get a good reading from the EEG.  Please pray that they did! I really do not want to go through that again...although he will be getting them often to track his progress.  Please pray that Dylan will get used to the EEGs and that he will be more cooperative.  We really want this treatment to work and think it could really help him! Thank you all for your prayers and financial support.  We appreciate all of you!!