Monday, March 23, 2015

Day 10....EEG

Today was Dylan’s second time getting an EEG.  We have been looking forward to this and dreading it at the same time! Dylan’s last EEG did not go over well and we were expecting a similar experience this time.  What we got was a nice surprise! Dylan actually did amazingly well.   Jackie (a speech therapist volunteering with the clinic whom we LOVE!) started the morning by distracting Dylan and playing with him.  While she was distracting him, the other Jackie (whom we also  LOVE!) was able to put the belt around his chest without him even noticing.  Dylan has gotten to know these two lovely ladies over the past two weeks and is really comfortable around them.  The next step was to put the cap on.  I thought for sure that this was going to be when the freak out session began…but it did not.  In fact, he was actually smiling while she put the cap on!!! Who is this child?! This can only be explained by all of your prayers, because this was not typical Dylan behavior.  Thank you for your prayers!! Check out the video to see how calm he was when they were putting on the cap! It was so shocking to all of us!! 

Now that we had the cap on, we had to keep him still.  He was not the biggest fan of daddy holding him still, but he did not fight nearly as much as last time.  Erik had to hold him really still and hold his eyes closed for at least 20-30 seconds at a time.  That is about the max we could get out of Dylan before he started to really squirm.  Jackie thinks that she was able to get some pretty good reading to get to the doctor. We are really anxious to hear about the results of this EEG.  The results should be able to tell us whether or not the therapy is working and give us an idea of what is going on is his little head.  We have an appointment to go over the EEG with the doctor on Thursday.  Right now, Thursday feels like weeks away! I just want to know now!! LOL! Oh the lessons that the Lord has been teaching me through this whole process… has been so hard at times, but good for me :)   

We did our regular MRT session after the EEG and Dylan is finally getting to the point where he does not fight it and just goes with the flow.  I am glad it only took two weeks to get into the swing of things.  Andrew really enjoys going and playing with Jackie while the other Jackie is working with Dylan.  He loves the Jackies! We all do. We feel completely blessed to have such a great team working with Dylan.  We had no idea what to expect or who we would be working with, but we have been blown away by the amazing people who work on the team.  Every person in the office has treated us so kindly and all of them are in love with Dylan.  We feel comfortable when walking through the doors and they welcome our crazy kids with open arms.  BLESSED.  There have been so many details that have come together for all of this to  happen and that can only be described as “A GOD THING”…to God be the glory for everything that has happened and everything that is going to be! 

We had such a fun weekend! We met with friends on Thursday for dinner and some night time fun at the beach.  Then we visited Erik’s uncle in LA on Saturday and enjoyed a nice drive up the Pacific Coast Freeway and seeing all the beaches.  Then on Sunday, more friends came into town and we spent the day with them at the beach! I LOVE SPRING BREAK! Can we just make spring break last longer so more friends can come?! We headed back to Sea World today with those friends and were able to ride some of the rides because we had more adults to split up with the kids.  Andrew is about an inch too short to ride all of the bigger rides and was completely bummed.  Although, I am pretty sure he would have been terrified the entire time on the ride if he was able to go.  So Dylan, Andrew and I stayed behind and watched everyone else get wet on the ride :) It is nice having the season passes, but I think Erik is done with Sea World.  BUT IT IS FREE! We have to go a few more times! Maybe I will give him a week or two to forget about how much he loves it there!! 

Thank you for everyone following along with us and praying for our little miracle! We are excited to see what God has in store for us! 

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