Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Day 3....Getting into a Routine

Hi everyone! Today was our third day going to the clinic.  Dylan and Andrew love running up the stairs to see who gets to open the door first.  Dylan is a big fan of doors. BIG FAN.  I don't know how else to explain it other than he is fascinated with them.  If we go to a store with automatic doors, you would think he was at Disneyland.  He will stand there and jump up and down and flap his arms with excitement to watch them open and close.  I love that he is so easily entertained! That kind of brings me to my next thought....I don't want that to change.  I am so torn about this process.  I know that if it works, it could help Dylan in so many ways, but I just don't want him to change in some ways either. He is such a goofy and quirky kid, and although those qualities drive me nuts sometimes, they are also what I love about him so much.  I know that may sound silly...but I just want Dylan to still be Dylan.
So anyways.....I don't think he will ever stop liking doors :)

Today Dylan sat on Daddy's lap so that I could help corral the other munchkin and distract Dylan. They need him to close his eyes during the short bursts (6-8 seconds) so there is less stimulation. While this may seem like an easy is not for D.  When it is not his idea or something he wants to do, he fights it with all of his might.  We had to take off his shoes (aka, his weapons) and his glasses so that we could physically close his eyes for him.  He was NOT happy with us.  He started to calm down about half way through.  I think that we are learning new tricks with him every day.  Tomorrow, we will probably take off his shoes and glasses while we are in the play room waiting for his session....that way he will get used to them being off.  That is the plan for tomorrow!

We had a relaxing day after clinic and got lunch in town and spent way too much money.  It is expensive here!! After naps, we walked down to a neighborhood park about 10 minutes away.  It was GORGEOUS there! Huge trees and a large area of green grass and a small playground for the kids.  Erik brought along his favorite toy too--his frisbee! We played frisbee for almost two hours and just enjoyed being outside.  Dylan and Andrew thought it was hilarious when one of us missed the throw or tripped over ourselves trying to catch it! They both tried to play along but can't quite get how to throw it yet.  It was a beautiful evening and we really enjoyed it! We feel so completely blessed to be here right now.  We feel that this is exactly where the Lord wants us and He has BIG plans in store for our family!

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