Thursday, March 19, 2015

Day 8 & 9.....Progress

Day 8 & 9.  Erik has taken Dylan to clinic by himself the past couple of days.  Dylan seems to do better with the treatment when little brother is not there to distract him….plus he gets all of the attention, so who would not like that?  He seems to be getting more and more used to the process every day.  Today marks two weeks since Dylan’s last seizure! PRAISE GOD!! We have not seen any type of seizure activity and we are really excited about that! Let’s hope and pray that those are something of the past.  

Yesterday, I was watching Dylan play a new block game on the iPad.  He has not played it many times and yesterday was probably his 3rd time on it.  I watched him play it the day before and he really didn’t get it.  There are shapes that go around on a conveyer belt and you are supposed to grab the shape that goes up on the stage to create an animal or object.  The game prompts you by flashing the shape with a grey duplicate of that shape.  The first time when I watched him play, he just kept picking up random blocks and trying to put them on the spaces.  Even after I showed him what to do, he kept just doing it randomly and was not really paying attention.  Then yesterday, he was sitting next to me playing it and I noticed that he “built” the animal quite quickly.  I thought it was a coincidence, so I just sat and watched him for a while.  He did it again and again and was very intent when looking for the correct shape and was able to complete the task quickly and efficiently.  Erik and I were both very surprised.  PRAISE GOD FOR PROGRESS! Something clicked in his little head.  Erik told Dr. Alex about the things we have been noticing lately and he was very pleased.  He said he was looking forward to seeing some changes in his EEG next week!! Here's a video of him playing :) 

After clinic, we packed our lunches and headed to Sea World for the day! Last week when we went, Dylan could barely hold still for 5 minutes during the show—which was completely normal for him.   Today, he sat through two 20 minute shows! He was still a little wiggly, but a lot better than even last week.  We saw two different shows that we did not see last week.  One was a pet show that was really cute! They had dogs and cats that did different tricks and ran around and the boys thought it was hilarious! From there, we headed straight to the dolphin show.  Dylan was not too thrilled with the dolphins, but Andrew loved them! Part of the show includes acrobats that jump off the high platforms into the water….Dylan LOVED this part of the show! He was laughing and clapping and screaming with delight.  Everyone around us was equally entertained by Dylan.  He has the tendency to entertain others everywhere he is! 

One of the biggest changes we have noticed with Dylan is his energy level.  Although he always has an abundance of energy, it has definitely increased.  Usually, after an active day, Dylan is ready to calm down around 3 or 4 and will even take naps around 1 if we are home.  Lately, he is the energizer bunny on red bull! Seriously.  Crazy.  He is having a hard time falling asleep right away at night too, which normally is not the case.  Thankfully, he still sleeps really well through the night and is his bright and cheery self at 6 am ready to start the day with all engines roaring! We love seeing the changes, and although they are small, they are promising!! 

I will leave you with some photos I took the other day before I shot my cousin’s graduation photos.  ENJOY!!! Thank you for all of your continued prayers!

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  1. I'm so thankful for such a great report!!! I pray you continue to see positive results!