Thursday, March 26, 2015


Well, today was the BIG day! We sat down with Dr. Alex not knowing exactly what to expect.  He asked us a bunch of questions regarding Dylan's behavior and things we have been noticing.  One thing that I have not written about is his drawing.  He has a magnadoodle that he uses quite frequently and I have noticed that his drawings have been changing a lot! He would normally just draw uneven circles and squiggly lines.  Then he started to draw more oval shapes and have lots of "legs" sticking out of them.  He LOVES drawing and coloring.  Then yesterday, I drew a picture of a stick person and then he traced over it.  I told him to draw one next to mine.  I had to prompt him as to what to draw, but he did all of  the drawing himself.  I tried this about a month ago and he did not understand it at all! This time, he did it! I was so excited! When I told the doc about the drawings and everything else we have seen, he sat back in his chair with a huge smile on his face.  And that is when I is not random, it is not in my head....Dylan is changing!!! His brain is changing!!! The therapy is WORKING! PRAISE GOD!!!!

March 12th

March 23rd

March 25th

Dr. Alex went on to show us his EEG.  He said he was really impressed with the results.  Dylan's first EEG showed that Dylan's nuerons were firing off in the "6" range and our goal is to push those peaks to "8".  According to this last EEG, many parts of Dylan's brain are now pushing the peaks into the "8" range.  It was amazing to see!! Unfortunately, I did not get his EEG emailed to me today so I will post it when I get it.  It was incredible to see the change! Dr. Alex was so excited and thinks that this therapy can really help Dylan.  He said that he does not know the extent of what Dylan's brain will do or how much it will help, but we will continue with the therapy until he plateaus for 2 EEGs.  He said that there is always a plateau, but everyone is different on how long it takes to get there.  So, what does that mean for us?  That means that San Diego will be our home for at least another month, but most likely longer.  We are ready to do whatever we need to do to get Dylan the help he needs to better understand his world! This is so exciting!

Dr. Alex explained Dylan's state of mind to us in a unique way.  He said that Dylan is in a dream like state of mind.  His brain is foggy and now he is waking up.  He described it as us waking up in the morning....still groggy and not fully aware of everything, but still awake.  Dylan is now going to be processing everything differently, and he will be more aware of things going on around him.   He said to expect Dylan to catch up with behavioral problems too.  Like the terrible 2's.  This is something we have been seeing a lot of for the past few days.  Dylan is usually a very easy and go with the flow kid.  Not now.  He has an opinion about everything!! And while it is frustrating and challenging, it is INCREDIBLE to see him fight us on things.  Please pray for us as we re-learn how to parent him.  I feel that parenting is the hardest thing on the planet to do and we are constantly learning and changing how we do things from trial and error....and this will be no exception.

So, here we are.  We are living in paradise and trying to soak it all in.  The boys are enjoying the beach life as much as we are and we feel completely blessed to be on this little adventure.  Although we miss our home and friends, family, and church....this has been a good growing time for us.  I am the type of person that typically has everything planned out a week or two in advance and I can't plan anything at this time.  I am realizing now how important it is for me to soak in life with my family and not have to have something planned every second of the day.  Baby steps :) Growing hurts sometimes, but then God still blesses us in the amazing is His GRACE?!

I cannot wait to see what God has in store for Dylan and our family! Thank you for joining us on our journey!!!