Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Day 2.....First day of MRT

Hi guys!

Well today went MUCH better than yesterday!! The doctor was able to get the perfect amount of information from his EEG--PRAISE GOD!!! Dylan's next scheduled EEG is on the 23rd.  The docs say that we should be able to see a difference in Dylan within the first 1-2 weeks if it is working, but some people may take longer.  Sometimes they can see a difference in the behavior, and sometimes the difference shows in the EEG before it can be seen in the person's behavior.  One of the side effects is extra energy....LORD HELP ME!! I do not think it is possible for Dylan to have any more energy.  As I am writing this, I am trying to get the kids to just sit for 5 minutes and watch a show instead of tackling each other incessantly! Life with boys can be challenging sometimes :)

So today we had his first actual treatment with the MRT.  We did not know how Dylan would react to having the wand against his head.  At first, he was a little apprehensive, but we brought reinforcements this time (Ducky and M&Ms) and they helped tremedously! The session lasts approximately 30 minutes.  It consists of 30 intervals of 8 seconds with a 52 second break in between.  Ideally, it is best if Dylan sits back and closes his eyes to avoid stimulation, but at this point in the process, we will take anything.  He actually did quite well after the first couple of times.  You can see in the video that they just place the magnetic pulse machine on his frontal lobe.  They will move it to different parts of his brain as needed.  We will go to the treatment center every weekday and rest on the weekends.

Dylan is such a little flirt and really enjoys the attention he gets from the ladies in the office.  Today, he was smelling their hair and rubbing it all over his face.  He often does this with my hair.  He is such a goof! He already has them wrapped around his finger! One of the challenges when doing the treatment was keeping Andrew busy or away from me.  He is such a mama's boy and was freaking out that I was holding Dylan and HAD to be on my lap too.  We will have to maybe keep him with Daddy in the play room tomorrow.  That was a little hard to juggle today!

We headed to the park and beach again after therapy and had lunch.  We could really get used to this!! We were not prepared for any swimming, but the boys wanted to splash around anyway.  Enjoy the video! Andrew is a nut and Dylan enjoyed picking up the wet sand and throwing it into the water.  Tomorrow we plan on spending the whole day there and will be more prepared.  We feel so blessed to have a little vacation time while going through the therapy.

Thanks again for all of your prayers!

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