Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day +93......Still Going Strong!!

Hello everyone!! I cannot even begin to tell you how much fun we are having with Baby D!! HE IS SOOOOO MUCH FUN NOW!! He has begun to enjoy toys! He has never really cared for any toys before, but now, he wants to grab at everything....and once he gets a hold of it, the toy is in the mouth! He is sitting up really well in his bumbo and is building his core more and more everyday. We opened his little einsteins jumper, and he is loving it! He is still having a hard time sitting straight by himself, but loves all of the things to look at, and loves to bounce up and down on his feet. His little legs are getting stronger with each bounce! He is full of energy and is feeling really strong! We are beyond thankful and blessed with how he is doing.
We are off to Tucson tomorrow for two days. We will be having our normal appointment on Monday, and will be spending the night at The Ronald McDonald House on Monday night. Tuesday, Dylan is going to be getting one of his lines taken out!! YAYAYAY!!! The docs have decided that we no longer need all three lines, so we are going to be taking one out!! The plan for now is to take out the double line and leave the original single line in. While he is under anesthesia, they are also going to do a spinal tap to check his spinal fluid and also a bone marrow aspiration to check his bone marrow. They expect to find both his spinal fluid and bone marrow to be healthy, but there is always a chance of the leukemia to be in there. As you can probably imagine, this is very scary and we are praying like crazy that the results come out positive. Please, PLEASE, PLEASE, pray that the results are normal and healthy!! Please pray that he does well going under anesthesia, and that there are no unexpected surprises when they take out his line. Pray that he is not in too much pain after the procedure and that his line site will heal quickly.
We are just one step closer to being line-free and we are excited!! In a few more weeks, when he is completely off of his IV meds and they are all switched to oral, we will be taking out the last line. He then, will get a port-a-cath which is a central line placed under his skin. This will allow the doctors to draw blood on a weekly/monthly basis, without having to poke him everytime to put in an IV. I am really looking forward to the day where we do not have to worry about him yanking on his lines and pulling them out (I have had nightmares about it!!), and that he will be able to take normal baths and be a "normal", healthy, 8 month old!! Can you believe that he is almost 8 months old??!! It's crazy!! He is still the size of a 4 month old, but he will catch up quickly!! Anytime anyone asks how old he is, and I tell them, they are always confused because he is so small and does not move like an 8 month old. So instead of explaining his situation everytime, I might just start saying that he is 4 months old!! HA!! That would be easier :)
Thank you for all of your continued prayers!! You guys are AWESOME!! I hope you all have a wonderful week!! It's beginning to look A LOT like Christmas at our house.....and we are loving it!!
We love you all!!
Trusting God in everything,


  1. what a sweet smile in this pic! i am still praying for mr dylan.i hope this trip is next to the best trip. i pray that god will heal dylan's body and with the spinal they find NOTHING~i pray that lines come out very soon. keep us updated! bonny

  2. Hi Michelle!! I hope that this finds you all doing well! Dylan is ADORABLE!! I have two kids with medical issues so I know a little bit of what you are going through. Including a leukemia scare with my oldest son when he was 2. Dylan is in our prayers and I hope that everything today goes wonderfully and there is absolutely not a sign of leukemia!

  3. I just love that adorable picture of Dylan.
    I'm glad he's feeling good, enjoying toys and doing well. My prayers are still with you guys.