Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day is GREAT!

Hello Everyone!! Life is good!! Erik and I have decided that it is best for Dylan, and our family, that I stay home for the time being--so I will not be returning to work. We are excited that we are able to make this move, but also taking a leap of faith. Our insurance was through my work, and now we will be on COBRA, and the insurance premium is going from $400 to $1500. We are still trying to find other avenues of insurance under our business, but we want to make sure that Dylan is 100% covered during his recovery time. We know that God will provide one way or another....and we feel that it is best for all of us that I stay home and take care of Dylan. I am really excited to have this opportunity and am so very thankful that the Lord has provided for us thus far. We are all settled in at home and are beggining to build a daily schedule. Ahhhh....schedules....I LOVE THEM!! Dylan has been sleeping in his crib for the past 10 days!! And he is doing really well!! He is still only eating 2-3 ounces at a time, so he is not sleeping through the night yet, but that will come with time. The sooner the better....becasue I AM TIRED. He is even taking his naps in his crib now and loves to go to bed....AWESOME little guy!!
We are headed to Tucson tomorrow for our weekly visit. We are hoping to go down to two visits a month soon--that will be nice!! We are also hoping to be done with his IV meds by the end of the month, and at that time, we will take out his other line and they will put in a port. The port will go underneath his skin and will act as an access to draw blood for his labs. Then there will no longer be a "fun" line for him to yank on whenever he is undressed....he LOVES to play with his line! Also, we will be able to fully submerge him in the bathtub, and when the weather gets warmer, the pool! I cannot wait to see how much he will like the pool. He LOVES LOVES LOVES his bathtime, so I'm sure he will love a HUGE pool! So many things for him to experience.....and I cannot wait to try them all!
He is getting an evaluation on Wednesday by a developmental specialist, and also a speech therapist. They are doing the evaluation to see if he qualifies for early intervention therapy programs from the state. He may also qualify for state insurance if they feel that his physical development is delayed as per their standards. This could be the way God provides.......and if not, He will another way. (BUT THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!) So please keep us in your prayers on Wednesday morning. Dylan has been growing more and more each day. He is always showing us something new! His new favorite thing to do is to shake his head back and forth as if he is saying NO. Daddy taught him this one afternoon and now he thinks he is hilarious!! It is quite funny!! The other thing that he discovered is that he can make noises with his spit. YES, he puckers his lips together and blows out anything that is in his mouth....mainly his meds!! But he will also do it when he is just laying down and playing....he really likes the sound! His two teeth that are coming in on the bottom are still making their way through. It seems as though they are close to breaking ground, but they are still hiding underneath his gums. Maybe next week! His hair is growing A LOT!! It is really blonde and very soft!! I love it!! I love to just smell his head....yes, I know I am strange!! He is full of personality and smiles, and every day brings us a new adventure! We are enjoying every minute with him and being home as a family. Thank you so much to everyone who is diligently praying for us every single day, you guys are AWESOME!!
Until next time,


  1. SOOOOO adorable! Those eyes of his are just gorgeous. You have an amazing kid. So happy you get to stay at home with him. Will continuing praying for Dylan and mom and dad. Take care!

  2. My prayers will continue as always that God will provide for you all. I love that Dylan's smile
    is back and I look forward to new pictures every
    day, he is truly a blessing! Keep the faith

  3. He was doing that shaking his head thing last night! I was so confused as to what the heck he was doing. He would laugh and laugh everytime he did it!!! He is so fun to play with!!! We NEED to get our to visit more! He changes to much daily!

  4. I love it! I found your blog a few months back and fell in love with your little guy. I am so happy for you guys and that God has been so good to you. Still praying for you guys!

  5. That's wonderful that your little guy and you get to spend every day together. He is such a doll baby.

  6. We are praising the Lord with you! I'm so glad you get to stay home with Dylan. It's a leap of faith that God will bless you for! And just so you know. . . baby head smelling is a completely natural Mom trait!!! I love it too!
    Heather (for team Neufeld)

  7. What a wonderful blessing! Glad you all are having some deserve it!!

  8. I am glad that Dylan qualified for DDD. In order to qualify also, Dylan had to be at least 50% delayed, so even if he isn't the SLP/devo psychologist will sometimes write that in order to get services...because obviously even at 40% delayed you need servicess also :). It's just hard to put a number on how delayed a kid is when they are so young too; so it was nice they put it enough to get services. God provided (especially in this time of seriously cut funded for AZIP)!

    I wish you could bring him for services at the UA in Tucson...he is so cute! Everyone would be fighting to have him! But I am sure the AZIP therapist will do a good job too ;).


  9. God will provide for you all. I love that Dylan's smile

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  10. I am so happy for you guys and that God has been so good to you. Still praying for you guys!
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