Monday, August 23, 2010

Abby Grace

Sweet Abby Grace went to be with the Lord on Sunday evening, August 8th. She had her mommy and daddy and family by her side. I cannot begin to tell you of the heartache that I feel for the Mullens, or the heartache that I feel myself. Abby was so special to us. Her smile lit up the room and her bubbly personality was contagious. When Dylan was getting his transplant...when he was in his worst condition, Abby's sweet face gave me hope. I would wait by the phone in our room hoping Jennifer would stop by the front desk to say hi, and almost everyday, she did. I would trek down the hallway in my jammies (my hospital attire:) and look forward to seeing Abby's beautiful smile and get a warm, familiar hug from Jennifer. Sometimes a friendly face was all I needed to get through the day. Jennifer always joked that she was happy that we got to go we could be the example and she would know what to expect. My response to her was always that we were privileged to get to be an example. There were so many unknowns at the time, and Dylan and Abby were so similar. They were only 3 months apart with treatments, and I was able to help and encourage Jen along the way....and tease her. We grew close, and there is nobody that can identify with you unless they too, have gone through this horrible disease with a child of their own. We had an instant bond the day we met and cried together. Abby and Dylan had that bond too. In the beginning, Dylan was still very young and very sedated all of the time....but that did not stop Abby. I remember one day we went into clinic, Dylan was sleeping in his car seat and Abby was determined to see that baby under the blanket. She practically jumped off of Jennifer's lap to get a sneak peak. It was quite funny. I had to pry her little hands off of the handle of his car was love at first sight!! Anytime we came in the room, her face would light up and she would stick out her hands as to grab Dylan, while her tongue hung out of her mouth. She just wanted to lick him and squeeze him! Unfortunately, Dr. Graham would not allow it. He would always say, NO licking, NO touching, NO kissing! HA! They were both so immune compromised that they could get each other sick. Nevertheless, their bond was immediate, and strong!

We attended Abby's Celebration of Life last week. It was so hard to say goodbye, but also so exciting to know that she is in heaven. She no longer has to bear the pain of cancer and is dancing in heaven in her new body. Please keep the Mullens in your prayers, as this is going to be a very long healing process. I cannot imagine my life without our precious Dylan. And yet, this could have been God's plan for his life. Life is short. Nothing is guaranteed, whether you have cancer, or are perfectly healthy. Please take time to love those whom God has blessed you with and do not take them for granted. The Mullens cannot bring Abby back, but they can make sure that her life had a purpose. Anyone who met Abby was changed. She had a special gift that only she could give. We are all better people for knowing that precious girl.

Thank you for your prayers :)

Living everyday like it's my last,



  1. This is heartbreaking! I've been following your story for a while and I am so thankful for the life Dylan has! I'm so very sorry for the loss of abby. She will always be in your hearts and I'm sure Dylan will always remember her and in his heart he will always know he once had a special friend who helped him fight.

  2. Abby's family, as well as you guys, are in my prayers. What a powerful life she lived during her short stay on earth.

  3. My heart breaks for this family. What a blessing it is to know she is in Heaven, but please let her precious family know they are in our prayers.