Wednesday, June 24, 2015

One more week!

Hi guys!! This past week has flown by! We have had many visitors and have really been soaking up our last days here in paradise.  We are dropping off Mema at the airport in the morning and picking up daddy! We are so thankful daddy can join us for our remaining days here.  We plan on seeing the fireworks on the beach over the 4th of July weekend and then pack up and head home on the 6th.  I really have mixed feelings about going home.  On one hand, I am really excited to be home and get back to normal life....but life is also starting to feel normal here too.  We are definitely NOT looking forward to going to 115 degree is going to be hard to get used to that after living in the gorgeous weather here.  We really don't want to leave our new friends from the clinic either.  They have been our constant encouragers every day and have cheered us on with Dylan's growth and change....we will surely miss them all! We are planning on coming back every 2-3 months to get a follow up EEG to check on Dylan's progress. 

This week we had a little scare.  More like I freaked out.  When we were home a couple of weeks ago, Dylan had fallen and hit his face on a stool.  Well that bruise is still not healed and actually looks almost the same as when he got it.  It has not gone through the normal bruise healing stages.  I had not really noticed it or paid any attention to it, but when my mom saw him, she thought it was strange.  We showed a pediatrician and they said it was not normal either.  NOW ENTER MOMMY FREAK OUT MODE.  Sometimes being a parent is the most stressful thing ever...and being a parent of a cancer child is enough to give you a heart attack at any sight of anything abnormal.  I called Dylan's oncologist and explained the situation to him.  He did not seem to freak out which made me feel a little better...but the only thing that would put my mind completely at rest would be a blood test.  I asked Dr. G for an order for a CBC....30 minutes later we were in the lab getting his blood drawn.  We got a call this morning that his blood results came back 100% perfect! PRAISE GOD!! It's amazing how one second I can be getting frustrated with Dylan for being a nut ball and not listening and the next, I am praying with all my heart that nothing is wrong with him.  I am thankful that God gave me that little reality made me step back and look at life and what it would be like without Dylan.  I cannot begin to describe the horrific thoughts that went through my head.  I take him for granted. I take his health for granted.  I take everything for granted.  We are not guaranteed any amount of time here on earth, and we really need to make the most of every moment.  I hugged my boys a little tighter today, I spent extra time admiring my amazing mother and the time I get to spend with her, and I thanked the Lord for all of the incredible blessings he has given me.  

Well, no more mushy gushy are some photos from our day at the beach on Saturday! ENJOY! 


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