Thursday, May 13, 2010


Hi Everyone! I will update about D later with some pics, but for now, we need prayer for Abby. I have been dreading writing this post, and have been hoping and praying that the situation would change so I would not have to write it. As you all know, we have grown to love Abby and her family very much. Last week we found out that Abby's leukemia is back in her bone marrow and it is stronger than ever. Usually, if it comes back after a transplant or a lot of chemo, it is a stronger disease. Her leukemia DOES NOT want to go away, even with all of the "BIG GUNS" that have been used to try to kill it. Last week, Abby had 3 doses of high potency chemo drugs that were supposed to knock out the leukemia long enough so that they could fight it with another drug. At first, it looked like the chemo worked and Abby's counts dropped just like they should have. Then two days ago, it started fighting back, and came back strong. They are doing 3 more doses of the chemo in hopes that it kills the remaining fighting cells. If this does not work.....then Abby's chances of surviving this horrible disease are not good. The original protocol was to do the 3 doses and then use another drug, called Interferon to 'encourage' Abby's grafted cells to fight. They cannot move onto the Interferon drug until the Leukemia has been knocked out.....and it is NOT going away easily. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for this amazing family. Mom-Jennifer, Dad-Jon, Sister-Alyssa(5), and Abby, who is 16 months old. There are no words to describe how it feels to fight for your child's life....and to be losing that battle. Abby is such a beautiful little girl, with a bright smile, and tons of personality....and it's hard to imagine the world without her. This is going to be a very tough couple of weeks as Jennifer and Jon fight this Leukemia harder than they ever have before. We are going down to Tucson tomorrow for a clinic visit and will be able to spend some time with them. I will hopefully be able to get some cute pictures of Dylan and Abby together and try to capture their unique bond.....she just lights up every time she sees Dylan. Please pray for Jennifer and Jon to get some much needed sleep and clear minds as they will be having to make some very difficult decisions regarding Abby's treatment. At this point, they are willing to do whatever it takes. My heart is so burdened with pain for them, because I can imagine being in that same spot. When I even think of this happening to D, every fiber of my being aches and's an all too familiar situation. Please pray for them. If you would like to follow along with their journey, I will be updating their caringbridge site regularly.
Thank you for your prayers and support! We love you all!
The Praskins


  1. Poor little angel :(. Since things aren't looking the best, is there anything natural they can try? Like a last resort thing? Or even giving her breastmilk to drink or in a feeding tube or anything? She will be in our prayers for sure!!

  2. My prayers are with Abby and her family. So sad. My heart breaks for her that she is in pain.

  3. I will say a prayer for Abby and her family. I can not even imagine the pain everyone is facing. She is blessed to have you as a friend.