Monday, May 17, 2010

Tucson Visit and Clinic Picnic

Hello Everyone!! We headed down to Tucson on Friday for Dylan's appointment, and then spent Saturday hanging out with Abby and family at the clinic picnic. It was great getting to spend some time with Abby and her family. She is so much fun! She was in a great mood on Friday night when we went out to dinner. She was all smiles. So precious. It's wonderful watching her and Dylan interact....they are fascinated with each other. But, Dr. Graham gave orders for no we had to be careful! :) The two kiddos were the center of attention at the picnic. They hung out and played underneath the big umbrella, and the crowds came to them! It was great to see all of our nurses who took care of Dylan--they had such an impact on us. The picnic was actually a going away party for Dr. Graham. But, fortunately, we are not saying goodbye! He is moving to Mesa to work at Banner Desert. We have only one more trip to Tucson :) I have a feeling I will still be going there every once and a while to visit friends, but no more doctor visits. :)
DYLAN UPDATE: Dylan's labs were perfect. He is doing great....I will update on next post about more details, but for now....Abby is heavy on my heart.
ABBY UPDATE: Well, Abby was happy and vibrant during our visit. Her smile lit up the room!! When there was music playing at the picnic, she was bouncing away, dancing to the music. ADORABLE!! Now, the tough stuff......sadly, her treatments are not working. Her leukemia is so strong and will NOT give up. But neither will Jennifer and Jon! There are not any more options left to try. They are hoping and praying that this treatment works. She is in a lot of pain right now. They are trying to stay out of the hospital, but if her pain cannot be controlled, then they will be admitted. WE ARE PRAYING FOR A MIRACLE......PLEASE, PRAY WITH US! I don't know what else to say :( Thank you for standing with us through this journey. We have had a happy ending, but so many families have not had theirs.....please pray for the Mullens.


  1. Does Abby have a website? I will definitely pray for her and am SO happy to hear about Dylan!

  2. Thanks for the pictures Shell. I know it must be so difficult for you to have to write about everything Abby is going through. You are amazing. I know everyone truly LOVES seeing the pictures of the amazing babies they are praying for daily! :)

  3. Michelle,

    Everything Abby is going through brings back everything with Colten. Please tell her parents that I am praying every day that they get their miracle!! If I can do anything to help them through this please let me know! Give Dylans cheeks some kisses for me!

    All my love,
    Erika Cowell

  4. Hi girldfriend!

    You a re such a blessing for Abby's family. No one can even begin to imagine those feelings thatyou all have gone through. I have talked to her mom and know she is so happy foryour friendship. You are helping her through some very dark times. :( My heart goes out to them with so many prayers and hugs.

    I love all the pictures and every time I see Dylan I can't beleive how he is growing! What a handsome young man he is!!! I am so so so so happy for you. You are a rock and your faith is strength for you and your family and friends. It is nice to know the trenches are lines with God's love!!!!

    lots of love and prayers and hugs ~Sharlah

  5. Poor sweet little Abby. She is in our prayers! Please keep us updated on if this next treatment works or not. What about breastmilk? Could she drink donated breastmilk? I know there are studies that say that it makes the body dump cancer cells. Just an idea. She and Dylan are cute together. Make sure to save those pictures for their wedding montage ;)