Thursday, April 9, 2015

Day 23....Are we really on our 5th week???

Hi guys! Happy Easter! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend with family and friends.  We were able to go home for the weekend and it was sooooooo nice to be home! I have to give the boys a lot of credit for how flexible they have been....they have surely been more flexible than I have. Whenever we get in the car to go somewhere, they always ask where we are going.  Now when we say "home", Andrew asks, "Which home?"  Where is home anymore?? I am beginning to wonder too!! Last week we stayed at an extended stay hotel for 6 days....that was SUPER fun.  Then home for 3 nights....oh it was glorious to sleep in my own bed!! Then we drove back on Monday and stayed at a Hyatt extended stay for 3 nights.  That hotel was AWESOME!! We even got a great breakfast cooked for us every morning! If it were up to me, and we had endless amounts of money, I would stay there forever! And that brings us to today.  Where is home now?  Well, let me back up a bit.  We found out on Sunday that the condo we had previously been staying in was not going to work out that basically brought us back to square one....and homeless! We knew God would provide, and He did just that! We received a call late Monday night from an anonymous donor wanting to help us with part of our lodging! What a huge BLESSING!! Do you know how expensive rentals are in San Diego?? PRICEY!! With the donor and donations we have received for Dylan, we will be able to pay to live here until the end of May.  After that, who knows? Actually, I do know who knows....and He has it covered!! We moved into our new place today and are excited to be staying in one place for a few weeks.  It's in the perfect area close to where we need to be and will work for what we need...God is good!

Now on to Dylan.  He had his third EEG on Monday.  He did well with it and was cooperative for the most part.  We were anxiously awaiting the results and were able to talk with the doctor today. The EEG did not show a significant improvement, at least not like the 2nd from the 1st.  It showed that the back of Dylan's brain is catching up and is starting to be on the same wavelength as the frontal lobe which is a good thing.  His neurons are still not firing off at the rate they need to be, but this can take time.  I feel like I get so impatient and I want his brain to heal overnight, but I know that is not the case.  It's a long process and could potentially be a very long process.  Waiting is hard.  But we know that we are where we need to be.  Also, there is epileptic activity in his left lobe.  It was there before, but harder to detect because his EEG was so messy.  The doc was hoping it would go away, but there it is....staring us in the face.  He has not had any seizure activity that we have seen since before we left back in March.  On Sunday he had a small occurrence that resembled more of a panic attack, but it could have been a seizure.  Basically there are neurons in his left lobe that fire off fast and then slow down significantly instead of being consistent.  These can trigger seizures and slow the rest of the neurons in the brain.  These neurons are working against everything we are trying to do with the therapy.  So what do we do? Well, we could put him on meds to help with the activity but that too would slow down the progress of the therapy.  The doctor is now targeting that area specifically with the MRT along with his frontal lobe in hope that it knocks out the "bad" neurons and gets them to fall in line with the others.  We started this extra step today.  We will know if it works by the results of next EEG which will be on the 20th.  If it does not help the epileptic activity, then we will have to probably start Dylan on meds.  The meds will significantly slow down the process of the therapy so we are really praying that these neurons get their head in the game! Will you pray with us?
Thank you so much for each and every one of your prayers! Thank you for everyone who reached out to friends and family to look for a place for us to stay and thank you for every comment on facebook or email or text of encouragement.  You guys are all such a blessing to us and we are so very thankful for you!!

I will leave you with a few photos of my monkeys....they hate photos.  They really need to get over it though :)

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  1. I'm so thankful you found a place to call home for the next few weeks. I'll continue to pray for progress!! If the therapy does help with seizure activity we may come be your neighbors for a while ;).