Friday, November 6, 2009

Day +56......Happy Days Are Here Again!!

Hello Everyone!! Well, there is not much new going on right now.....which is AWESOME!! The days are fun, and we are enjoying every little smile and giggle from Baby D. I am ecstatic that he is FINALLY feeling better! Not only are we enjoying the new and refreshed Dylan, BUT HE is enjoying life.......FINALLY! He is happy and feeling well. It is probably the first time since August that he has felt good on the inside. I am sooooooooooooo happy that he is happy and feeling well! What a blessing! THANK YOU LORD!! He has been sleeping really well the last 4 nights also. First night was 6 straight hours, the next night 5, the next, 6 hours and then last night......8 straight hours of sleep for Baby D....AND MOMMY!! I cannot even remember the last time I got that much sleep without someone watching him for me. I am hoping and praying that this please join me in that prayer :) He is giggling, smiling and happy 95% of the time that he is awake, and I just cannot stop holding him, hugging him, and kissing him every chance I get! I am so thankful for the life that he has been given and I cannot express the joy in my heart that I feel. Thank you all for all of your continued support and prayers! I feel like we just started to run in this race we are in and are not walking at a slow pace anymore. I want to run the race that the Lord has set before us, without hindrance from fear or worry.....God is in control!!

Monday is the BIG day of his engraftment testing.....please pray for 100% Donor cells and 0% Dylan cells!! Results should be back on Friday.....and it will be a long week of waiting!

Enjoy the pics....they don't even scratch the surface of showing how happy and renewed he is--but they are a glimpse! :)

Reminder: The Light the Night Walk is NEXT Saturday on the 14th :) We are not going to get shirts because of budget, but we are all going to try to wear blue....any color blue :)

Running the Race through faith,

The Praskins Family


  1. Love to see the smiling Dylan pictures. He is such a doll! What a blessing. Sending lots of prayers and positive energy!


  2. What a joy and encouragement it is to read your news of Dylan. Through all his ups and downs your faith has strengthened you...and those watching from the sidelines. We praise God for those "scrumptious" smiley Dylan pictures. Thank you Erik, Michelle and Dylan for all you have given us.

  3. oh my goodness I totally cried when I saw those pictures of Dylan on this post...just to see how happy he is! I miss that smily baby boy. Knowing that God has kept baby D in His arms this whole way makes me smile SOOO big and now to finally get to see some pictures of the happy little boy - makes me incredibly happy, and happy for you too! Love you all so much! See you this weekend :D


  4. I love to see those happy pictures, I will be praying