Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day +60....has it really been 60 days already?!!

Hello everyone!! Only good news to report! Dylan is still happy, still smiley, and still feeling good. I think we have finally passed all of the yucky times!! PRAISE BE TO GOD!! We are at day +60.....and what does that mean? That means engraftment testing! WOO HOO!! They took some blood yesterday and it is on its way to a special lab, where they will decipher how many cells are Dylan cells, and how many are Donor cells. The goal is to be as close 100% Donor as possible. We will not get the results until Friday, so we have a long week of waiting and praying ahead of us! Dr. G believes that we will have great news on Friday. He said that based on Dylan's numbers and how fast he started to make his platelets, he believes that the donor cells have completely grafted! He said that, "you moms" always want it on paper.....AND I DO!! But for now, I guess I can take the expert's opinion :)
We now only have to go to clinic on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.....and we have Tuesdays, Thursdays, and weekends off!! Woo Hoo!! It sure beats having to go to clinic EVERYDAY :) So now I just give him his morning meds on days off. It takes about 3 hours, and we have almost 5 meds going in at one time through his three lines. We are slowly switching over some of the meds to oral, so that will be interesting. It is almost easier putting them through his IV. So far, he does well with the 3 he is on, so we will see how he handles 8+ oral meds, 2-3 times a day! Most of them are mixed with a flavored sugar solution, but D does not like it too much. I bought a special bottle that has a syringe built into it, so we may try that out too. Poor little guy hates medicine time :(
We are all set for the walk this Saturday and are very excited to see our friends and family. We have 54 people signed up so far, so if you plan on coming, and are not signed up yet, please register at lightthenight.org. We have a friend that is donating shirts for the walk! Yes!! DONATING!! Isn't that Awesome??!! God provides even when we do not expect it!! So we will have shirts for everyone on Saturday :) If you have any questions about the walk, please just email me. If you cannot make it to the walk, and are able to donate, please do!! Just go to lightthenight.org and on the top of the page, click on find a participant/team. Then either type in a name or dylans dream team. Then just click donate! You can pay with your debit or credit card so it is really easy! Even if you can give $5, every little bit helps!!

Thank you to everyone for your continued support, love, and prayers! You are amazing and truly appreciated!!


  1. Yeah Dylan, I am so gald he is well on his way to a normal happy life! I am praying and wait to hear that the results are on paper too that this part of Dylans journey is hopefully behind him...Many blessing, Wednesday Enriquez

  2. How awesome for Dylan! I've only followed your blog for a week or so, but from what it sounds like, you have a real champ on your hands. Keep up the good work, Dylan. God is in your corner!

  3. He is such a sweetheart! I wanna kiss his cheeks!

    I pray for you and this little man every day, and I pray that he continues to thrive, grow, and get better!

    Love and prayers from OK!
    The Nortons

  4. That is such great news!! Priase God, may he recieve all the glory. I love to see him smiling in his pictures he is SO cute! My prayers for you this week is that God almighty has healed your little boy. And that any followers you have that don't know our savior, may have changed hearts because of baby Dylan. May God use you through this experience. You and your husband are such strong,strong people, and such a strong family. I can't wait to hear the results tomorrow. You will be thought of and prayed for! Love, Valerie

  5. As someone that had donated cordblood, I am thrilled!! My nine year old that loves medical science knows about the donation of his little brother's cord blood is watching and praying for little D too.

  6. Have been checking in hoping for an update on the results of his testing. Hope they were 100%!!
    Take care :)