Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day +26.....Ear Infection


Hello Dylan has an ear infection. :( At least we know what has been causing him to be in pain and why he has been being so cranky. The past few days the Dr. has been boggled by what medicine is causing him to feel icky, and all along it was a "normal" pediatric problem--go figure! He has been put on another antibiotic that will hopefully help him to start feeling better tomorrow. These past few days have been REALLY tough. He has been whining and crying non-stop and has not slept very well. I AM SOOOOOOO THANKFUL that Karyna has been here to be my help mate, because I am not sure I would have been able to get through these past couple of days on my own.......let alone, this whole process. Erik is still sick and will not be able to join us for at least another few days. He thought he was feeling better yesterday, but woke up feeling horrible today with a bad head cold. Please pray that he will start to feel better soon--he misses Dylan soooooo much!! We are very thankful that the Lord has protected me from getting sick these past 4 months, and please continue to pray that God keeps the germs that are all around me from making me sick.

GOOD NEWS-We are scheduled to get discharged from the hospital tomorrow!! YAYAYAYAYAY!! I have been moving things into our new "home away from home", and we are looking forward to some normalcy. I was able to go grocery shopping today for the first time in a LONG time, and it was actually fun....I spent way to much money, but had fun!! It's hard when you have to get a lot of the basics and I'm starting from bare cupboards. My sisters are coming down this weekend and we are going to cook a few meals and then freeze them so it is easier for Karyna and I to have quick dinners. My sister, Mellissa, is one of the greatest cooks I know!! I am sooooo excited to have some of her yummy food. I am also looking forward to being able to spend some time with them OUTSIDE of the hospital and for them to spend time with Dylan.

For those of you who want to visit, we will have to try to plan something. I will see how this week goes with clinic visits and see how long I am usually there. I cannot have visitors in there with me, and I would hate to have you meandering around Tucson until we get out. But I am sure we can work out something. A lot of our family will be coming down on the weekends, so if you can do weekdays, that would probably work better. Please email me if you are planning on visiting so we can work something out :)

Please keep Dylan in your prayers tonight--his ear infection is really hurting him, and that is ON TOP of all of his other "issues". Also, please continue to pray that he keeps reproducing his white cells and starts to create his own blood products. Platelets are usually the ones that take the longest to make, but he should be making his own red blood cells soon. He is off of nuepagen, which is a medicine that helps him create white blood cells. Since he has been off the past few days, his WBC has dropped to 2500 which was to be expected. He is still out of the danger zone with his counts and he should continue to increase over time, just not as fast. Any count over 1500 is fully functioning and the doctor is very pleased with his progress. As long as we can get this ear infection under control, Dylan should be feeling well in the next few days!! I CANNOT WAIT!! We need our smiley boy back!!

THANK YOU for keeping baby D in your prayers!! We love you!!

Walking by Faith,
Michelle, Erik and Baby D


  1. I have raised three medically challenged kids and my son has two. I know the feeling of searching for the unusual explanation and finding the common! God bless you and little Dylan. I have added him to the prayer list on my blog. I know that there are readers who pray for the little ones on that list every day. I try to do so, as well.

  2. Hi Michelle - I found your blog through the BlogFrog network and wanted to come over and say hello. I will definitely keep Dylan and your whole family in my thoughts and will check back to see how is he doing. I hope you are getting lots of support from your family and community. Let us know if we can help from the blogosphere!

    So nice to discover your blog.

    Holly (co-founder TheBlogFrog)