Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day +32....our 4 month anniversary

4 months ago today, Erik and I received the worst news of our lives. I can still hear the doctors words and the crushing feeling that I felt. WOW....has it really been 4 months? I remember getting "the talk" about all of the negatives and reality of what may happen....that Dylan's chances of surviving were not good. AND LOOK where he is today. God is so GOOD!! He brought us out of the devastation and into hope. Hope that only He can provide. Sometimes these past 4 months seem like an eternity, but in the big scheme of things, it is such a short time. We still have a very long journey ahead of us and want to thank you for enduring this trial with us. We long for the day when we can safely say that Dylan is 100% cancer free...I pray for that moment everyday!! Until then, we take today as a challenge to get through and thank the Lord for giving Dylan life.

Day 32 and Dylan is fighting hard! He is still a different baby. Still grumpy, still very weak, but also fighting hard to get better. His cell counts are continuing to increase...I don't quite believe Dylan's number for today, so I am going to keep it a secret until I hear his number tomorrow :) BUT I will tell you that his WBC was 2900 on Monday....and that is all I will say for now. Today we spent 7 hours at clinic.........oh what a LONG Day!! There is only so much of the hospital that I can take, and I am WAY past that point. Regardless....we gotta do what we gotta do! Dylan has been hungry that past couple of days and has tried to eat a few times, only to throw it up 5 minutes later :( This is going to be a long and frustrating process to get him to eat....please pray specifically for this to be over soon. He also is throwing up a lot more mucous which is good, because that means that his cells are reproducing and making his mucous membrane again. The throwing up part is not so much fun, but it should not last too much longer. Dylan is once again on oxygen. Today, at clinic, his sats were showing that he was at 60% oxygen....not good...so hopefully he will get his sats back up so we can take this silly thing off again. The positive thing that happened today was that he SMILED!!! Not just a little smirk, but a full smile!! It was AWESOME!!! He is still not opening his eyes all of the way yet, but he is attempting to open them at least half-way. I cannot wait to see more and more smiles as the days go on. He did not get an MRI on Monday because the Dr wants to wait, so I will let you know when that is happening. All in all, D is doing well, and is staying on track with what the Docs expect to see. PLEASE pray that he continues to FEEL better. He gets so cranky sometimes and nothing seems to help! Not even the magic warm towel!! He is still hurting inside and has no way to tell us what is wrong, so he just whines and cries. It is so sad.
But this too, shall pass--I'm just praying it passes quickly :)

Thank you for your continued prayers!!

Goodnight :)

Michelle and Baby D

PS- Erik is feeling better and should be able to visit this weekend!! YAY!!


  1. Hi Michelle,

    Just wanted to let you know that I (actually Mike, BRADY, and I) am still here. I've been following Dylan's story over the weeks and praying for a complete remission. You are all so strong and doing an amazing job...don't worry, the at home routine will lighten sooner than you think - you'll have so much time you won't know what to do with it all! HAHAHAHA!!! That part I'm not so sure about, but it sounds great doesn't it??!!
    Hope your day is going well and Dylan manages to get out a couple much needed smiles for you. I am so looking forward to the day our miracle boys are well enough to actaully meet, play and just be boys! What an image of normal!
    Rachel, Mike & Brady Wein

  2. Maybe he's grumpy that he hasn't seen the red glasses lady in a while! :-) I work tomorrow...so if you have a quick day in clinic tomorrow stop by before you leave so I can see Baby D, or hopefully the day won't be too busy so I can come by and see him, preferably while he's awake, while you guys are over in clinic. I might even bring you another season of ER while I'm at it...

  3. Mark and I miss Dylan SO much! I wish we could come down and see him! We are thinking about making a trip down next weekend hopefully, depending on if I am better or not. I still can't seem to shake this flu! I am for sure better, but not better enough. Give Dylan some big kisses from Mark and I. Love you guys!