Monday, October 26, 2009

Day +45....only 15 more days until graft testing!!


Good evening everyone!! Well we have some great news!! Dylan is continuing to make his own platelets. His numbers are increasing every day! This is a sign that the donor blood is grafting and grafting well!! The doctor believes that on his 60 day testing, it will show that his cells are 100% donor!! His white count is WAY up to 10.9....which is elevated due to the steroids he is on, but still awesome nonetheless. The doctors AND mommy and daddy, are VERY happy with his progress and are excited to see what results we get in the next few weeks. This is only one piece of the puzzle. Dylan is not acting so well. He is back to being grumpy and uncomfortable for 90% of the day and is usually crying unless sedated by Ativan. This is a very difficult trial for Karyna and I, as we are dealing with the constant grumpiness and crying ALL of the time. Not only do we feel horrible for Dylan, but it is very trying on our patience, along with all of our other responsibilities. PLEASE pray that the doctors can figure out what is making Dylan so fussy....PLEASE!! EVERYONE will be happier! And I long to have my happy baby back. We have not seen too many smiles the past few days and are looking forward to having them back very soon. For now, the doc is going to manipulate a few of his meds to see if that is the problem. Dylan is finally off of his TPN!! PRAISE GOD!! That is at least one less med--and I am excited about that!! He still does not eat too well during the day, which is strange. At night, from midnight to 6am, he usually eats between 4-6 ounces! This is a great step in the right direction! Please pray that he starts to eat more during the day, and that he does not have to have any more TPN or other supplement. All in all, Dylan is doing PHENOMENAL and we are excited to be on the road to recovery. Please pray that we do not run into any more unexpected obstacles and that he will continue to feel more like himself.

I will leave you with a cute message that I got from one of my favorite people:

Hi Meeshell.
Jake and I are having a discussion right now about how Dylan is like this little baby superhero so we're picking out super hero names for him and talking about what he would wear. Jake likes the Dylanium Falcon (after the Millenium Falcon, the ship on Star Wars), but I said it just doesn't have that ring to it. We'll work on the name. We decided he has the power to overwhelm foes with his unparalleled cuteness able to control adults everywhere, and he has the regenerative powers of wolverine, he's completely impervious to any sort of attacks. If you walk into his room and he's not there, don't panic, it's probably cause he's turned invisible, either that or he's out fighting injustice. Jake says to check baby gap for capes. I say his outfit should be tough, like maybe leather and cool shades. We could probably turn this into an awesome comic book. We'll contact Marvel, see what they think.
Praying for Dylan's continued healing, strength for you, and protection for your marriage. I love you tons.

Wasn't that cute?! I love you Em and Jake!!

Thank you everyone for your continued faith in God, and believing and praying for Dylan's healing. You all are amazing prayer warriors!! God has brought us so far, and yet we seem to have another marathon ahead of us! We are thankful that we are NOT ALONE!! We love you!!

Walking by Faith,



  1. He's just so adorable! Praying they can get him happy again and it's just his meds that need adjusting!

    I just can't get enough looking at him he's so cute!!!!!!

  2. I have been following you story. I pray for dylan every day and I hope he will be well soon. As for the superhero, a backwards bib makes a great cape ;)