Friday, October 23, 2009

Day +42.....a wonderful day!!

Good evening everyone. First thing I want to say is that God answers prayers!!
Not only is Dylan off of oxygen and eating well, but he is starting to make his
own blood products again!! This is something we have been waiting for and I am
thrilled to tell you that his platelets have been stable the past few days and
even increased today!!! His WBC is up to 4.9 and he is doing well!! The Dr G's PA, Tracey, said she may even do a cartwheel tomorrow if his platelets go up again!! When the nurse came in with the blood test results this morning-I cried out of excitement,joy, and thankfulness!! How great is our God? He is faithful and has brought us through so much!! We posted a slide show on youtube (see previous post), under Baby Dylan's Story.....and it is far from being over!! Enjoy!! We are so very proud of our lil fighter and are in awe of the miracles that God does in his life

Hopefully we will have more great news tomorrow!! Keep praying! We love you!!


  1. Yes, truly a WONDERFUL day. Praise God! Keep on going, Dylan! :)

  2. Praise the Lord!!! Such wonderful news!!

  3. Go Dylan Go Dylan!!!!!! Keep up the good work little guy. Praying for you and your family in Las Vegas NV.