Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day +50......we had a rough night

Good morning everyone. Well, first of all I want to thank all of you for praying for Baby Dylan and his fussiness. On Tuesday, the day after I posted that he was fussy and asked for prayer.....he was like a new boy. Karyna and I were amazed at how good he was all day. He did have a fussy period from 5-8, but that was nothing compared to what we had been dealing with the past few weeks. He has continued to have "spells" during different parts of the day and none of them have any rhyme or reason to them. They usually last about 2-3 hours and then he finally calms down and goes to sleep. Yesterday was the exception. He had a rough morning at the clinic, and after two hours of crying and Ativan, he was given some benadryl and that did the trick--it allowed him to get 3 good hours of much needed sleep and calmed down his tummy. Then about 4pm, it started up again. Now, just to give you an idea of how he is acting, it is not just normal baby fussiness--it is all out crying and even screaming sometimes. He thrashes back and forth and cannot get comfortable in any position. Just when he settles down and looks like he is going to fall asleep, it starts up again. It does not matter if you are holding him, he has his binky, or if he has a bottle--nothing works. He was like this, on and off (mostly on) from 4pm-3am!!!! It was a trying night to say the very least. I think we all had pounding headaches by the time the crying stopped and I cannot even imagine how baby D was feeling. He was given meds around the clock, but nothing seemed to work for more than 15 minutes. At 2:30, Karyna, saved me from going insane and took D for the rest of the night. THANK YOU KARYNA!!! He fell asleep after his 3am meds and slept for a good 4 hours. So far, he seems to be doing ok this morning. He is completely exhausted and needs to catch up on his sleep. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, keep him in your prayers. The poor little guy is so restless and something is going on in his little body.

He has been doing so well with his counts--but this is a huge struggle. I have had numerous people emailing me and suggesting what it may thank you....I just wish it was as easy as another ear infection or teething.....something that can be fixed. We are changing his formula from Soy to lactose free to see if that makes a difference at all. Also, his cultures from Monday came back showing an infection, so that may have something to do with it. The infection may be in one of his lines, so they took more cultures today and will get an answer early next week. The antibiotics are being changed once again to catch the culprit behind the infection. Please pray it is something that antibiotics can fix and that we do not have to take out one of his lines.

Well, that is just a little insight to what we have been dealing with this week. On a side note, we have really enjoyed the visitors that have come by and appreciate everything that everyone has done for us. Thank you for the cards, the encouraging emails and comments, and the tangible things such as gift guys are amazing!! We love you and I hope to have a good report for you later :) We also dressed Dylan up as a little dinosaur yesterday for the clinic's dress-up party, so there will be pictures posted later.....SOOOOO CUTE!!

We know that God has a plan in this, and we are looking to Him for strength....thank you for your prayers!!

Hope you all have a fun and safe day!!



  1. Poor little guy. I hope he is feeling better before long. It sounds like he has enough going on without having to deal with another issue.


  2. Poor little guy!! I will pray for him.