Saturday, August 8, 2009

2 More Days at St.Joe's

Hello everyone!! We have had a pretty eventful day here at the hospital. We had a lot of visitors and Dylan got to spend some time with his auntie and uncle and Mema and Papas. He also decided to pull out his feeding tube once again, causing him to gag and throw up all over daddy! Poor Daddy! We are going to try and leave it out tonight and see how it goes. As long as he eats well, we should be able to leave it out for a while. After puking on daddy, he decided to pee on mommy--what a little stinker!! I have been officially initiated the Dylan way! Ha! At least I made it a whole 4 months :) After the pee incident he decided he was not done getting me dirty. He was "starving" so he ate 3 ounces of food and then proceeded to throw it all up on me when I was burping him. The funny part is that he pulled back his head and then face planted in it! It was so sad and so hilarious at the same time, so we had to take a pic! He just needed a rice cereal and formula facial!

We have exciting news! We are scheduled to be discharged from St.Joe's on Monday!! (pending no drama) YAY!! We are very excited to start the next chapter in this journey of ours. It will be bitter sweet leaving this hospital. We are REALLY going to miss our nurses!! We have had the pleasure of being taken care of by the most amazing nurses! We are so thankful to each and every one of them! They truly made our stay here as positive and enjoyable as possible. They loved Dylan as if he were their own, and were a comfort to me during this stressful and emotional time. THEY WILL BE MISSED!! I wish I were a millionaire and I would hire each of them to come down with us to Tucson--That would be AWESOME!! I am sure the nurses in Tucson will be great too, but its going to be hard to leave our St Joe's nurses :(

So the "PLAN" is to be discharged on Monday. Then Tuesday we will enjoy the day at home, and then Wednesday we will head to Tucson for the day. We have an appointment at 10am on Wednesday to have Dylan go through a series of tests to make sure he is healthy enough to go through the bone marrow transplant. We will also get a more specific plan of when the whole process will start and also get to stay at the Ronald McDonald house overnight to see where I will be living the next few months. We are very excited to start the process of the bone marrow transplant and to see our little man get better. Please pray that we do not get anxious and start to worry about all of the details and the scary unknown, but that we take it one day at a time and trust God with every day and every detail. As always, we thank you all for your dedicated prayers and we are definitely feeling the effects of them! Thank you! Love Michelle


  1. Thanks for the update. God is so good to have brought baby Dylan to this point of being ready for the bone marrow transplant! We will be keeping you in our prayers this week!

  2. Although I have been back at school... working endless hours so it seems... I can not tell you what a blessing this blog is. I appreciate the pics, info, and love that I get from this website. I wish I could so be by your side Shelly... but this allows me to be there in thoughts and prayers. May God bless the long and tough road ahead of you and Dylan. Lots and Lots of love... Linda... your proud cousin!