Sunday, August 2, 2009


Hello everyone!! Thank you for your continued prayers for our little guy!! It has been confirmed from two positive cultures that Dylan has a bacteria infection in his intestines. He has been on two types of antibiotics since Thursday night and now that the docs know what kind of infection it is, they have placed him on a more specific antibiotic. So far, Dylan seems to be reacting well to the medicine and has not had any more fevers. Please pray that the infection goes away quickly and that the antibiotic gets in there and does its job!!
Other than the infection, Dylan is doing really well!! He has been in great spirits and is back to flirting with the nurses and doctors. He is gaining weight really well, which is a HUGE praise!! He is weighing in now at 11 pounds 8 ounces!! He is definitely getting chubby and we are so proud of him and how well he is eating! He decided to spice things up early this morning (around 4:30) when he pulled out his feeding tube! Silly Dylan. Then he got mad at us (me and Dymphna, his nurse) because he was hungry. There was formula everywhere since he is on night feeds and the tube was just laying there dripping on everything. He was soaked so he got a nice 5am bath and endured the task of getting the tube back in. He is getting so strong and is starting to realize where his tubes are and how easy it is to yank it out--there is no fooling him :) His chemo has been pushed off until Tuesday to ensure that his kidneys are strong enough to take the next dose. The docs may have him take a test on Monday to test his kidneys, but it all depends on what his lab results say. That is about all for now. Thank you to all of you who follow this blog on a daily basis and pray for Dylan! You are much appreciated!! Hope you all had a great weekend!!

Love Michelle

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  1. I'm glad he's doing better! We're already planning our Tucson trip :).