Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Hello everyone! We have had a great 2 days at home so far! We left St. Joes yesterday at noon and have been enjoying the comforts of home for a whole day and a half so far!! It was sad to leave our hospital "family" and they will all be truly missed! The nurses were so sweet! All of them came by the room to say goodbye and give hugs and kisses to Dylan. One of our favorites, Chrysta, even came by on her day off to say goodbye! I am sure we will see them all again, I just do not want it to be soon :)
We are off to Tucson tomorrow to get some testing done on Dylan. He will be getting some blood work done, along with an EKG and some other tests. They want to see how strong his body is to make sure that he can handle the bone marrow transplant. We are confident that he will pass with flying colors!! He is such a strong little guy! Please pray for a safe journey down to Tucson and that all of the tests go well. We will also be getting a game plan for our move down there and will get to see where we will be moving for the next few months. We are looking forward to a family day on the road and I am looking forward to hitting the outlet malls on the way back!! Of course I will just end of buying more baby stuff for Dylan, but I cannot resist. We will update the blog by Thursday with all of the new info! Thank you for your prayers. Dylan is doing well with no signs of any sickness besides crabby baby syndrome!! I guess we will take that :) Oh ya, and he laughs now too!! He has been laughing in his sleep for the past week, but I heard him laugh out loud when he was awake on Friday! He laughed at our nurse Melanie! I guess she is way funnier than mommy, because I cannot get him to do it again! HA! But then this morning, he was laughing at Josh (my sister Mandys boyfriend)! I guess I just need to work on my funny faces! But I'm sure I'll get a laugh someday soon!

Talk to you guys later!!

Love Michelle

Enjoy the pics!!

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