Thursday, August 27, 2009

Courage Beads

I have had a few people say that Dylan deserves a medal for all he has been through :) Though he may not get a medal, he will have a "Courage Bead" necklace. (or maybe a couple of them!) We signed up for a program through Tu Nidito that gives Dylan courage beads for every big procedure he goes through including: blood transfusions, surgeries, Xrays, MRI's, Spinal Taps, Radiation, CAT Scans, stays at the hospital, loosing hair, TPN, Chemotherapy....ect. So far, he has 39 beads!! Yikes!! He is going to have a nice collection of courage beads and it will be a neat way to tell him someday about everything that he went through and how God was holding him the entire time!
If you want to learn more about the program or just check it out, you can go to

Here's a pic of his necklace so far!! Each bead stands for a different event. :)

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