Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pic 1-Dylan fell asleep with Daddy last night.
Pic 2-D got his first bath, we had to get off all of the surgical soap and he enjoyed splashing around a little
Pic 3-This is what his ports look like all uncovered. The one on the left is the double broviac. We had to take the dressings off because he cannot have them during radiation. Any areas of the body that have tape residue on them are susceptible to getting a rash as a result of radiation, so we are going to try to get all of the residue off and let his skin breathe. In leiu of the dressings he has gauze over his sites and is wrapped like a little mummy. It looks like he is wearing a little sports bra of gauze. So now we have to be extra careful not to pull on the lines so that they do not come out. (kinda scary!)


  1. Erik and Michelle,

    Sorry to hear about the little set back in Dylan's progress. I have a picture of Eden on my digital photo frame at work. When ever it comes up I say a prayer for Dylan. I need to take a picture of Dylan to work and put it on my photo frame. I will keep praying for your strength.

    Bev Macdonald

  2. Michelle and Erik,

    I worked yesterday after being off for a long time. It was wonderful to see all of those cute pictures of Dylan right there really close to our med room :-)... We all (nurses, PCTs, Social workers, everybody!) talked a lot about him and smiled looking at his pictures. We shared our individual stories about him. He's so precious!

    Thank you for the update. We'll continue to pray for wisdom for you, so you can make the right decisions in regards to his care.

    Thinking of you,


  3. I can't imagine the heartbreak when you heard the leukemia was back. I imagine it was like when they told me Madi's infection was back, but times 10. You are always in our hearts and thoughts and we will continue to pray for you all throughout this journey. We plan to come down and visit at some point in time and can't wait to spend time with you all. Stay strong!

  4. Great post much appreciate the time you took to write this.