Monday, August 3, 2009

Last Day of Chemo tomorrow!! YAY!!!

Good evening!! Tomorrow is Dylan's last scheduled day of chemo before we head to Tucson for the transplant process! The chemo drug that he will have tomorrow is a strong medicine. First he will have another spinal tap at 1pm where they will inject the medicine into his spine, and then at about 6pm, he will be on an IV of the chemo for 24 hours. While he is getting the IV chemo, he will also be getting high doses of another medicine that coats the inside of his kidneys to ensure that they do not get damaged from the chemo. He will also be getting high amounts of fluids to ensure that he pees out the chemo. We do not want it to stay in his body for a long period of time, or he can get bad side effects. Last time he received this particular chemo drug, he did not get the "typical" side effects that commonly happen. PRAISE GOD!! We are so thankful that God has protected his body. Please pray for him that he continues to be side-effect-free and that he has lots and lots of wet diapers!! This is probably the only time I get excited to change diapers and wait for them to get soaked!! We are also very careful when he has this much fluids because he tends to leak on anyone holding him! HA! He has gotten both grandmas, daddy, and auntie Karyna!! He has yet to pee on me :) I think he just loves me the most! Hee hee!!
We are so thankful for the past week of smiles and fun!! The next few days are not going to be so much fun, be we always get a lot of cuddle time :) We are praying for a quick recovery so that we can maybe get some time at home before heading to Tucson. We should have some more details about the timing after wednesday. Keep on praying!! Love you all!!

In His Mighty Grip,

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  1. We're still praying here in Alabama! We will be lifting up Dylan and all of your family the next few days! Thanks for sharing all the cute pictures!