Wednesday, September 2, 2009

......A Cold?


Good evening everyone!! Today was a low key day--the kind of days we love!! We had a nice family day hanging out and just relaxing in the hospital room. It was great this morning to wake up to a cooing, happy and smiley baby! I am so thankful for mornings like this morning!!
Dylan has been a little congested the past couple of days with some clear boogies and they found out that he has the Rhino virus in him. They did some nose swabs yesterday (which D did not like too much--but who would!), and it came back negative for flu, but positive for cold (Rhino). That does not mean that he has a full cold....yet....but it does mean that he is at high risk for pneumonia. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray that he does not get sick!! His body has NO way to fight off this infection and it is just going to make him more miserable. Oh dear....always something. BUT, the show must go on and we have to move forward with chemo regardless--starts tonight at 10. He will get 8 doses of this chemo and then on to the next one. He will be at ZERO immune system within the next few days and unfortunately the yucky side effects will come also. Only family visitors from here on out until he is out of the red zone. He should be on the road to recovery about one month after the transplant......until then, we will not be able to have any visitors for Dylan's protection.
We got a more defined schedule today too. His transplant is still scheduled for Friday, September 11th, and up until then, he will be getting high doses of chemo everyday. Remember, this it the time where the chemo will basically kill off all of his bone marrow to make room for the new cells. The new stem cells (from the cord blood) will be enough for 100lb person--so the doctor is very confident that they will reproduce in Dylan's system quite quickly.
Well, little D is sleeping on me right now and I am trying my best not to drop the computer, so I better go for now. Have a great night everyone and thank you for keeping us in your prayers!!

Love Michelle


  1. So any new news on the possible cold? I can hardly wait to see him this weekend. It may just be a day trip unless we can find someone to watch Zoey. Hopefully we can find a dog sitteer and then stay Sunday night! We want to try to make the trip last as long as possilbe becasue the next time we get to see Dylan may not be until after the wedding and honeymoon so well over a month! :(