Friday, September 11, 2009

Transplant Day: Start of a New Life

Today is the day we have been waiting for…. TRANSPLANT DAY. All of the past few months of events have led us to this important date…. September 11th. In 2001, it was a tragic day that will forever be remembered in the minds of all Americans. Eight years later, we will be able to share this historic date with many.... But it will be the Start of a New Life for Dylan.

Even though it can be difficult to understand why Dylan is sick and even harder to watch him endure extreme pain and suffering, we know that God has a plan in all of this. A ‘perfect cord blood match’ has been found and we are praying that God will give our only son new life through this transplant. The months of chemo and the intense sessions of radiation have killed the leukemia and his body is now ready to receive the new blood. Dylan’s body can fight and try to reject the blood match but we know that God is the great creator of life, the sustainer, and the perfect healer... He is the one who makes that decision. As Abraham trusted and obeyed God, we trust Him and lay our precious son Dylan on the altar. We say, "God, Dylan is your child. We know you love him more than we ever can. We are thankful that you chose us to be his parents. We love you and trust you. We pray that you will use this blood to breathe new life into Dylan.”

Dylan’s battle with leukemia is a clear picture of our need for a ‘perfect blood match.’ Like Dylan, we all are born with a disease and it’s called sin. We are all on the path to eternal death and separation from God. However, there is a ‘perfect blood match’ and it will heal you completely and give you life; without it, you will die. It is only found in God’s only son, Jesus, who spilt his perfect blood and died on the cross for your sins. Through Him, we can have life and live it abundantly. When trials come in life, you can cling to God’s truth, and He will sustain you and lead you. This is the only way to have peace in life.

Thank you for your prayers and we look forward to what God is going to do!

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  1. Praying on hands and knees for Dylan today...Please let us know as soon as you have an update!