Friday, September 25, 2009

Day +14....quick update

Good evening everyone!! GREAT NEWS!! Dylan's WBC went up to .2 or 200 this morning!! This is a huge milestone! We serve an all-powerful and amazing God-and we praise Him for this victory!! This afternoon's blood tests showed his levels at 300, but that will most likely go down in the morning....but we will see!! Thank you for your continued prayer. Dylan is making progress and we could not be more excited about it!!
One more thing to add to your prayer list: Dylan may have an infection in his gut. Last night he was up all night with gas and painful bowel movements and those continued on throughout the day. He was pooping almost every half hour and every time he did, he cried in agony. The poor little guy was in so much pain. We were able to increase the morphine dose to help with the pain, but he still wakes up crying every time he has to go. They took samples today in hope of finding out what could be causing the irritation. They also put him on a medicine that will combat a common form of infection, C-Diff. Please pray that this irritation will go away quickly and that he is not in a lot of pain tonight. He really needs to get some good uninterrupted sleep, so that his body can heal.
Karyna is staying with Baby D tonight, so I have to make this short so I can get some sleep! Yay!! Daddy, Grandma, and Grandpa are coming tomorrow, so we will be having a fun filled day spending time with them. I hope to have great news about his counts tomorrow!! As always, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your prayers!! They are being answered!

Love, Michelle


  1. THAT IS WONDERFUL news :) yay baby Dylan! are an awesome Mom, and thank you from all of us who check out the blog daily for continually taking the time to update it with news/ cute stories/ pictures /praises and concerns...and for faithfully sharing what God is doing through this whole situation, your family and it's story are truly a blessing!

  2. I read your story and My baby was born May 31, 2009. Our Family will pray for Gods healing on your child, and that he would provide for anything that you and your family may need. We have a great and powerful God. I almost lost my baby with differnt reason but Our God will provide what is needed and when its need just as he did with us.
    Laura Cristine