Monday, September 28, 2009

Day +17.....a day of rest

Hello!! Today we are at 800 WBC!!! Woo hoo!! Way to go baby Dylan!!! He is doing so well with his all we need to do is to get the breathing thing down and we will be good to go!! Seriously, good to go.....out of hospital! That is the plan. Until then, Dylan will be working on breathing on his own.
Today he has done much better. His oxygen has been turned to a lower level and his breathing has been consistent throughout the day. His resp rate has been between 50-60 (we want it under 50), but he still needs the help of the extra oxygen. His little body is so tired from overworking itself the past couple of days, that he has been sleeping almost the whole day. He woke up during bath time, which is his favorite part of the day, but then went right back to sleep afterwards. Then he woke up this evening for about 30 minutes. And those were my favorite 30 minutes of the day. He was being really silly and REALLY smiley!! Such a blessing!! I think all of the smiling wore him out, because soon after, he started dozing off, and was quickly back asleep. We enjoyed every second of the awake time and will hopefully get some more time tomorrow. For now, we are thankful that his body is able to rest and catch up on some much needed sleep.
Thank you for your prayers tonight! Please pray that he can get off of oxygen completely, and breathe on his own. I can't wait to see what the counts are tomorrow!! It's so exciting!! God is creating new life inside of baby D....simply amazing!! Have a GREAT Tuesday!!



  1. He is so CUTE!!! I'm happy to hear that Dylan is doing so well. Praying for you and Baby Dylan.

  2. He is looking so much better! The swelling seems to really be going down! Glad the little guy has been able to get some sleep! Hopefully today will be the day he gets off oxygen! We can't wait to see you in Phoenix this weekend! :)