Monday, September 21, 2009

DAY +10.....and counting

Good evening!

Dylan is now on oxygen. He has been on oxygen on and off since yesterday at 2pm. The overload of fluids is making it difficult for him to breathe. If you think of the way you feel after eating a HUGE Thanksgiving dinner or after drinking a lot of fluids and multiply that by 10--that is how he feels. We have to be very careful of how we pick him up and how we position him. He will probably have to be on oxygen the next couple of days. Sometimes he does really well on his own, but as soon as he falls asleep, his levels drop. Please pray that his breathing continues to get better and it does not get worse. If the fluid gets to be too much for his body, it could leak into his lungs, and then we would have a whole other problem on our hands. Soooooo, let's just pray that does NOT happen. Dylan weighed in at almost 17 pounds today!! And 3 of those pounds are fluids....CRAZY!! The Docs are doing all that they can to limit and decrease the fluids, but they are all medicines that he needs. He is still on morphine, but at a lower dose, and that seems to be working. He has not gotten any more side effects and the sores that are in his throat seem to be getting better. For now, he is just extremely uncomfortable in his little puffy body....but it will all be better soon.

Karyna got into town today, and we were able to show her our new pad. We are so thankful and grateful for here being here! We are also thankful to Jalayna and Gary (Erik's other sister and her hubby) for letting us steal their babysitter.

Well, we have a long night ahead of us so I'm gonna get going. I'll update more later.

Thank you again for praying for our little guy,
Love, Michelle


  1. Puffy, or not, he such an adorable little guy! His smile melts my heart!

    All three of you are such troopers. I pray that the fluid does not become too much... I know you do not want it to leak into his lungs.

    He is such a sweet little guy... and those cheeks!!! I just wanna kiss 'em!

  2. So the sea horse next to Dylan... yea I have its twin sitting on my kitchen counter to send to you! Lol. I guess he can always have two so while one is being cleaned he has another. I should have been quicker with getting that in the mail! :)

  3. You two look absolutely beautiful... stay strong!!!! I love you! May God bless you, Eric, & baby Dylan. Give him a hug for me!!!!

    Love Cousin Linda

  4. Let me know when you are ready for me to makeover your blog and make you a button for Dlyan, so more people can be praying for him.