Thursday, September 10, 2009

Night Before Transplant Day

Transplant Time is set for 1130am Arizona Time. It will take approximately 1 hour.
Michelle is busy taking care of Dylan tonight. Dylan has done well with minimal side effects from the many drugs he is receiving. We are very thankful about that. However, he is overly tired and screams whenever he is layed down; he is only comforted when he is held and cuddled. This is a major challenge for Michelle to get sleep. So you get to deal with me (Erik) this time. After thinking through the past many weeks, God has reminded me how he has sustained us in every situation. This process and trial is challenging us in every way imaginable…. It has challenged our personal relationship with God, our marriage, our relationships with our family and friends, our jobs, and much more; It is easy to look up at our huge mountain of challenges and say, ‘I give up.’ Being cooped up in a hospital cubicle room for months can drive a person crazy; being separated as young married couple and sleeping in separate beds for the entire process is very difficult and can feel like each spouse is living like a single parent; being responsible to sell Real Estate, in today’s down market, that is required to pay the monthly bills and provide for the family can be overwhelming; being away from the church body, family, and friends, creates a thirst for reconnection; unable to go on a relaxing summer vacation (when everyone else does) can bring jealous thoughts; trying to care for a sick infant who has greater needs than we can meet is exhausting………. But all of this…… to bring us to a place where all we can do is cry out to the only one who can meet all of our needs and who will lead us up and over this mountain; to remove all dependence upon our own power, thinking, and desires and place it completely on God; to put us in a position where we lay all of our sin, our fears, our needs, our finances, our challenges, and our precious Dylan on the altar and say, “God, all we have is yours. Dylan is yours. You are the Great Healer. We know you will provide. We love you and trust him to you.”


  1. You have all been in my prayers. Dylan was the first one I lifted up in prayer this morning as I do every morning. May the love and strength of our Lord give you peace and strength to get through these next months.

  2. Charity mentioned you guys on FB and I saw the blogspot link from Michelle. My prayers are that everything went smoothly. Your faithfulness in God and His love is a wonderful testimony.

  3. I have been and will continue to pray not only for Dylan, but for the trials you and Michelle face every day! I can't imagine the stress. But you have been such an example of faith to those around reading these posts and knowing your family has been such an honor! I can't wait to see a year from now, Dylan, normal one year old, and you guys happy rested parents!! Pam McLaughlin

  4. Sending love and prayers to the 3 of you from Oklahoma. Praying that God will guide the doctors' hands, and give them wisdom throughout the surgery and beyond. Praying for comfort and peace for you and Michelle. Praying for a smooth surgery and quick healing for precious Dylan.