Sunday, June 28, 2009


Baby Dylan needs your prayers! He has vomitted a lot of gross bright green, 'mucousy' stuff (bile). He has had a a few x-rays of his stomach and intestines; the x-ray shows an ileus (small blockage in intestines). The doctors stopped Dylan's feedings yesterday at 3pm. This morning the doctors told us that they are not going to allow him to feed today either. They are trying to give his intestines some 'rest' to allow the inflammation to go down. Please pray that God will heal his intestines so he can resume his feedings, that he won't throw up, and that he won't be too grumpy today. Dylan is also getting a platelet transfusion and more antibiotics. To get through this time, Dylan is spending as much time on mommy's lap as possible:)

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  1. baby dylan and family,

    i love you so much and im glad i got to come see you all. it amazed me how strong you all are doing through this challenge god is giving you. i am definitly going to give all the bracelets to my church tonight so you will have the power of youth praying for him as well :) i love love you and i hope i will get to come see you again sometime this week :)

    love ,