Saturday, June 27, 2009

Victories and Trials

We are thankful for the little progress that baby Dylan is making every day. Yesterday he surprised the nurses by drinking 3 ounces out of the bottle, and wow he was hungry! He has also been able to continue to breathe on his own without the assistance of oxygen. My sister Karyna was able to spend the night at the hospital and care for Dylan. A big trial has come up in the form of a fever at approximately 101 degrees. Dylan was uncomfortable during the entire night. The nurse had to take a blood culture to see if there is an infection. We are waiting for the results and pray that Dylan will not have an infection. We are praying that the tylenol will bring down his temperature and that antibiotics will fight off the infection, should there be one. Please pray for healing and that his body will not reject the antibiotics.


  1. I will be praying! Phooey!! I know God is in control!! Be strong little guy!! You too Michelle and Erik!!
    Much love The McLaughlins

  2. Little Dylan has been in my prayers since the day I found out about him. He rarely leaves my mind. You are ALL in my prayers. Thank you for being so strong during this incredible trial and holding fast to our Lord. It's such a wonderful example. You guys are awesome!
    I just sent my self addressed envelope for my Dylan bracelet today :)

    -Sarah Blackford

  3. Hi Erik and Michelle,
    It's Lisa Cooke. It's been so long since I've seen you Erik, and I got to meet your beautiful wife Michelle last night at the jewelry party. I just want you both to know that my husband and I are totally going to be praying for you guys, and for sweet baby Dylan. He is the most adorable little boy- and I think he looks like you, Erik! THank you for keeping us all updated about his progress. You two are awesome parents, and baby Dylan couldn't have asked for a better mommy or daddy than you!