Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Michelle Says "

Michelle Henderson-Praskins You never know who's life you may be saving!! thank you to everyone for your willingness to want to donate to our baby ;)


  1. prayers forthcoming. hang in there little buddy. christ loves you and so do many others.

  2. I saw this website through a a mutual friend...Brooke Bidegain. Your story has touched me and my family. I am a mommy to a little boy too...Dylan will be in my prayers every day. ASK for healing, BELIEVE that God will provide it, and then RECIEVE God's blessing! I will be praying this prayer for you and your family.
    -Leah Hammett

  3. Hey Michelle and Eric,

    We have been praying for Dylan. He is such a cute guy! We love you guys and will continue to pray.

    John and Caryn

  4. Michelley...my heart and prayers go out to you and Baby Dylan. I just sent out a prayer request to ALL of the Glendale Fire Department and have gotten a TON of responses already! The chain has begun...no we just have to wait to see THE POWER OF PRAYER. The Lord will hear us...I believe! Love you! Love Baby Dylan!