Saturday, June 27, 2009

Gonna be a Long Night

Dylan has thrown up 3 times today. They did a X-ray of his stomach and intestines and they have found that he has an 'Ileus'. It is a small blockage in his intestines that doesn't allow food to pass through. The doctor has ordered that Dylan's feeds stop until tomorrow morning. Then they will re-evaluate him. Not good news.... Gonna be a long night. Just like any baby, Dylan loves to eat and gets very upset when he can't because he does not understand why his tummy is not full. Please pray that God will heal his intestines quickly and that he can start his feedings asap!


  1. SO sorry! We will be praying!! Love you guys! The McLaughlins

  2. The student minsitries leaders are at Pleasant for the weekend, so I called Sarah's phone and she answered! I let them know to pray for Dylan,so they are going to do that tonight! God is good and in control!! Love you all
    Pam McLaughlin

  3. Your Friends in Marley Park are praying hard for complete a full healing. Please let us know what you need and we are here, and many are only min. away by foot to race over and help.

    Carrie Gauntt (Mom to Owen 1 year childhood cance survivor and walking miracle)
    Marley Park Community Cares Admin.

  4. Praying! Natalie prayed for "Baby Dylan" tonight by asking Jesus to take away all his sickness and she even prayed for the Doctors too. You are in our hearts constantly! Ang

  5. Aw, poor baby! I'll definitely say a dedicated prayer for Dylan's tummy tonight... and that his night will be peaceful and restful.