Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dylan has been moved!

We are now out of the PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit)! We are sad to leave all of the great docs and nurses there, but are happy to be in the regular pediactric unit. We gathered up ALL of our stuff last night and traveled to our new room. It is a little bigger and we still have a bathroom with a shower--PLUS we now have a mini fridge!! So cool! Its amazing how much stuff you accumulate over 2 weeks at the hospital. The nurses in the PICU were teasing us that we would have to rent a UHAUL to get it all transferred over!! But now we are settled into the new room that will be our home for a while. Grandma Praskins gave us a little break overnight by staying with Dylan and Erik and I got a great night sleep in our own bed. Don't get me wrong, the two inch matresses at the hospital are AWESOME, but its always nice to sleep in our own bed! Please pray that God will keep Dylan healthy enough to stay in Pediatrics and not have to go back to PICU. The Doctor said that as long as Dylan does well in his next round of Chemo in 2 weeks we may be able to take him home!! That would be soooooooooooooooo awesome as well as scary. But I know they will not send us home if he is not ready. So we will see! One day at a time!


  1. Michelle,
    Great news!! God has certainly been listening to all of the prayers for Dylan. I go to Dylan's blog every morning when I get to work to see how he is doing and you too. What you have gone through in the few short months of being a mom is unbelievable, but they way you have handled it is beyond words. You have shown courage and strength and love without a doubt you are a HERO (and Erik too). I pray for all three of you each day...Stay strong, keep the faith. Dylan is looking good today (I looked on Facebook). He is so sweet. Hoping he gets stronger each day.

    Candy Frazier (Lynzee's mom, we scrapped together in Payson).

  2. Michelle & Eric,
    That is great news! Kasha, Jacob and myself pray for Dylan, you and Eric everyday. We check the blog every day to see how he is doing. My prayer is that he can grow up big and strong and come to know our precious savior and Lord, Jesus Christ!

    Gordon(Michelle's Uncle),Kasha,Jacob and Benjamin

  3. YIPPEE!!! Isn't God great! Of course it will take another 30 minutes to figure out where in that crazy hospital you ARE, but it is SUCH a praise!! Save a bracelet for each of us!! We sure love you guys and pray all day for sweet Dylan and you!! Love
    Keith, Pam, Sarah and Shane McLaughlin