Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Grin & Bear it

Today has been one of the roughest days since we have been in the hospital. My poor lil man is STARVING--or at least that is what his tummy is telling him. He has been on TPN which is feeding him through his IV but it does not make his tummy full. So he does not understand, and everytime I would pick him up, he would think I was going to feed him--and when I didn't, he became quite frustrated! They took another x-ray of his tummy today and it showed that his illeus has gone down, but it is still there. They are being very cautious and cancelled his chemo drugs today along with his intrafecal spinal tap. Those will be postponed until later this week. They do not normally postpone any of the chemo during the "induction" phase because it is so important to stay on schedule, but the doctors feel that it would be dangerous to do it while his little belly is still in trauma. So please pray that the illeus is gone by tomorrow morning when they do the next x-ray. That way they can slowly start to feed him again. They will start lightly with Pedialite and then slowly add in the breastmilk. Dylan has lost weight since we have been here so it is very important that his body gets back on track. He now weighs a little under 10 pounds. We want him to get fat and chubby!! :) He did not sleep a lot last night or today (neither have I) because he is so uncomfortable, so we are hoping he will get a good nights sleep tonight. Grandma Praskins is here tonight to relieve me so I can go home and get some much needed sleep--thank you grandma! That is all for now! We will continue to update you when we find out more information.
In His Grip, Michelle

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  1. Just wanted you to know that your lil boy and family is in my thoughts and prayers.
    ~Sandy Howell