Monday, June 15, 2009

Family Pictures


  1. God says where 2 or more of us agree (as believer's) agree in his name, that whatever we ask in Jesus name it is done......All those that believe and agree.....A prayer for this sweet baby....No Doubts...No Negatives...Stay Strong....

    Father God,
    You see the need of this precious child, your Word promises us healing. We beg of you Lord to put your healing hands on this child Lord God BEFORE he goes through anymore of the Chemo and or any other tramatizing treatments. We thank you for your loving kindness Lord. I pray for strength for the Parents Lord. You know their hearts and you know their desires Lord for the health of their child. I ask that you give them mercy and grace to with-stand all until your work is complete for this baby's life here Lord. We thank you and praise you for your healing him Father. In Jesus Holy Name....AMEN

    Amy Trimble

  2. Baby Dylan is so amazing...I am so moved by his story and fight that I have registered to be on the donor list for a bone marrow transplant...My prayers are with your family, Hang in there baby boy, God will answer...God we are praying for a miracle, please let Baby Dylan be that miracle...

  3. Please let Baby Dylan be healthy and happy and live a long,long life! GOD BLESS YOU DYLAN! MIKE&TILLIE. Isaiah 30:18, Jeremiah 29:12, Psalm 18:2