Monday, June 29, 2009

Upset Tummy

Dylan still has a blockage in his intestines. The illeus has gone down a little but it is still there. The doctors are hopeful that it will go away on its own with just letting the tummy rest. They said that if he eats anything, it could cause an infection and get into his blood stream. So still no food for baby Dylan. Tonight they are going to put him on TPN, which is basically specialized nutrition that goes in his IV. This will be the only "food" he will receive until the blockage is clear. This specialized nutrition will be enough for him to get all of the nutrients and fats he needs. Thankfully Dylan has had a good dispostion through all of this. He is sleeping really well and when he is awake, he is content with the sucrose "sugar drops" and his binky. Plus he is still flashing those adorable smiles! I even caught one on camera--Great Grandma got the biggest one out of him. He was supposed to get another spinal tap tomorrow, but because of his frail condition, they are going to put it off until next week. The oncology doctor said that his body is responding well to the chemo so far because his white blood cells decreased quickly--so that is a PRAISE. We will most likely meet with the bone marrow transplant specialist sometime next week to discuss our options and the pros and cons of the procedure. The docs are still not positive that it is the route we are going to take. They said that if we do the transplant, they will first look for bone marrow matches in banked cord blood (cord blood that has been donated), and then if there are not any matches there, then they will look for matches on the national bone marrow donor list. So that is the plan for now. He did not have any fevers last night--so praise God! He had a small one today, but after we unwrapped him, it went away. So specific things to pray for now are that God continues to keep his fevers away and that his illeus goes away completely so he can resume eating. That is all of the news for now, thank you again for your prayers for our precious son. :)


  1. Praying for you all. Love you all!
    The McLaughlins

  2. Dylan is so amazing and strong, may God please heal him quickly...Always here from a distance