Friday, July 3, 2009

3 weeks

Its hard to believe that we have been living at the hospital for 3 weeks!That is almost one third of little Dylan's life. Next Thursday he will be 3months old!! We are so thankful for these past 3 months!! Although the last month has not been too fun, we have still gotten to spend it with our Dylan. Its amazing how much you can love someone so much in such little time. Erik and I were talking this evening and he said that he never thought that he could ever feel the way he does about Dylan. He had no idea what this whole parenting thing would be like, and he is so in love with the little guy. I have always loved kids and therefore have always wanted kids, but I too never realized the bond that you can have with your child. Thank you Lord for blessing us with Dylan, trial and all. We know that as much as we love him, God loves him even more!!
Ok, enough of that, I can't see my computer through the tears. God has blessed us with some amazing doctors and nurses at St. Joes. Its awesome because the nurses are all fighting over who gets to take care of Dylan--he is VERY popular with the ladies!! The nurses are all becoming my friends and are so helpful and knowledgeable and even give me hugs when I need them! They are such a blessing!! We also have some pretty awesome doctors that are watching over Dylan. There is a team of 5 and they all know their stuff and have been very helpful and understanding through this whole process. We are very thankful for all of them and can't wait to bring Dylan back completely healthy one day to show him who took care of him all of those weeks when he was little. :)


  1. WONDERFUL!! Praise God! You guys are a blessing to me!

  2. God puts the right people in the right place at the right time. I'm so excited for you all! You are amazing and an inspiration:)
    DeAnna Adame