Friday, July 3, 2009

Thank you Lord for the rain!

Tonight was date night! And a much needed one at that. We were able to escape the four walls of the hospital room to get some time away together!! (thank you auntie Karyna!) The best part of tonight was that it was raining!! I love the smell of rain more than anything (only because I am a native of AZ and it NEVER rains), and God knew that it would lift my spirits. Thank you God for the rain!! It is always nice to get away, but it is so hard leaving Dylan. We try to talk about other stuff at dinner, but we always come back to talking about our lil baby. I guess it is not such a bad thing, but people start to look at you funny when you can't stop crying :)
Now back to baby Dylan--He did really well during his intrathecal spinal tap (its not intrafecal like I said before--I was lovingly informed by my friend Jill, that intrafecal has to do with poop!! ha!! So thanks Jill for the correction) Anyways, intrathecal just means that they put chemo drugs into his spinal fluid and that helps kill all of the bad sells in the central nervous system. He did not have any complications with the anesthesia, and was acting like himself shortly after. He slept really well last night--which mommy was very happy about--mostly because his night nurse has a special way of wrapping him (I think I will take her home with me!). Today he had to get yet another blood transfusion. Yesterday it was platelets and plasma, and today it was red blood. The platelets and plasma don't freak me out as much as the red blood. They are a yellowish color, while the red blood is DARK RED, and just really looks creepy flowing down the tubes into his port. But it is helping his body stay alive, so we are thankful for all of the blood. He also threw up again today. Poor kid. He may have been too full with all of the fluids pumping into his body. They stopped his feeds for an hour, and then slowly built them up again. So far tonight, no more throw up. Please pray that he continues to keep his food down because his little body is in desperate need of the calories.

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