Tuesday, July 14, 2009

...movin on up!

Hello everyone! Today was a great day for Dylan!! He is sustaining his weight, and his white cell counts are movin on up!! Today he was at 3.5, up from 2.5 yesterday!! This is a great improvement and the docs are hopeful that he will start his next chemo session soon. Dylan has been on a medicine that helps his body create white blood cells since they cannot give him white blood cells. Now that his counts are recovering and increasing, the docs need to see if his body can keep increasing his counts without the medicine. Today was his last day with the meds, so we will see how his body performs. He was in really good spirits today!! Its so much fun to hold him and give him endless hugs and kisses with his huge smile looking at you! He is so precious!! We also had a lot of visitors today, so that was fun!! Tomorrow at 5 we are meeting with the bone marrow transplant doctor. We are excited and also nervous about the meeting. We have a million questions to ask and the unknown can always be scary. We are praying that God really gives us a peace about the transplant and that the meeting goes well. It will be nice to kind of get a "game plan" going and know what we will be doing in the near future. We are soooooo excited and thankful that they already found Dylan at least 2 great matches from chord blood and we can see God working through every little detail. Thank you for your prayers!!
Love, Michelle

I hope you enjoy the pics, I know we do!!


  1. What great pictures of your little one! I am praying for Dylan and you and thankful that you are resting in the palm of His sovereign hand.

    Great is His faithfulness! You are so loved!

    Vicky Philips
    (I know Billy & Arianna from Palmcroft Baptist)

  2. Smiles on my face too!!!! I love the pics and pray that the meeting goes well and white count continues to RISE!! Love you...aunt Robin

  3. That's wonderful news! You'll continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Yes, he is PRECIOUS!

    Marci (St. Joe's)

  4. I don't know who would't love those pictures! Those smiles are the best, he really is the cutest little guy!! I'm loving all the good news! The Lord is truly hearing our prayers and watching over little Dylan! See you Friday! Hugs