Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Days

Happy Days are here again!! The past couple of days have been SOOOOOOO much fun and are a much needed blessing from the Lord!! Dylan has been in a wonderful mood and as happy and playful as ever!! I even put clothes on him for the first time in a long time!! He looks like a "real" boy, not just a hospital patient. The clothes help me feel like we are a little more "normal" so we will continue with clothing the little man--so cute!! Its a little harder to maneuver around the cords but I think it is worth the extra hassle :) He is getting stronger everyday, and is kicking a lot more now. I cannot even begin to express the joy in my heart when he smiles at me. It is the most precious gift from God, and he has been a SMILE MACHINE!! Even at 4am! Yes, 4am is his new wake up time! Lucky me :) But I will take it when I can get it. This morning he was wide awake and flirting with the nurse and flashing his baby blues at me with his contagious smile--what can you do? At least he gave me another hour or two after his little play time.
There is nothing new to report for now. His blood cultures came back negative. There was bacteria growing on the first culture, but the two after that came back as negative so we are in the clear. Prayers answered!! He was supposed to get some more chemo today but they are going to hold off until Tuesday because the last dose took so long to clear his body. It looks like we have a forecast of happy Dylan all weekend!! So excited! As of right now we have a few decisions that we need to make in the near future that I would rather not give specifics on, but please pray that God gives us wisdom on which decisions to make (don't worry, God knows the specifics!) Thank you again to everyone for your love an support and hopefully I will catch some good pics this weekend! The little guy is too smart already--he will be smiling away and having a grand time, until you get the camera out and then he stops looking at us and stares into the camera with a blank stare! I try to fool him with my phone but he knows better! I will have to get sneaky :) Have a wonderful weekend!
Love Michelle


  1. Dylan looks so handsome in his outfit! We are praying for the decisions you have to make. Ps 116:1-2 Lv Dave and Diana

  2. Oh Michelle how good and sweet it is to hear he's doing so well, and making his mommy and daddy so happy!!! :) Praise the Lord the cultures came back negative. It truly is the Lord working in his little body!! So do I need to visit at 4am when he's all smiles? ;-) love you