Thursday, July 9, 2009

Never a Dull Moment!

Our son....he just loves to create drama :) He had a fever most of last night and this morning, so they took the usual cultures and we will await to see the results--so far, no infections. They took a chest x-ray last night because he was breathing heavily and sounded congested--three different doctors looked at it, one doctor thought it looked like he had a viral infection, but the other two said it looked normal--so the majority wins. Dylan had a consultation with a speech therapist yesterday because his voice is still not back to normal and he is having trouble eating. She ordered for him to have a special x-ray on his throat this morning to see where his problems are coming from. In order to see were his food was going when he drinks, they had him drink a barium mix that would show in the x-ray. From the x-ray they could tell that he was having micro aspirations. Basically this means that some of is food is getting into his lungs when he drinks because his vocal chords are not fully closing. This is a problem that should resolve itself in time and was probably caused from going under anesthesia with a tube down his throat. Until his voice comes back, he is going to be having most of his food through his tube. Any food that he drinks by mouth must be thickened to the consistency of honey to keep it from going into his lungs. We have not tried the new concoction yet, so we will see if he will tolerate it. Sounds yummy doesn't it? He continues to be on antibiotics to kill off any infections. Fevers are expected at this point because of his low white blood cell count, but please continue to pray that infections do not take over his body. He is uncomfortable and does not feel very good (the doctor likened it to us having the flu), so please pray that he can sleep well and be comforted by the tylenol and endless hugs and kisses. Hopefully it will be a drama free night! :)

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