Thursday, July 2, 2009

Eating again....for now

Today's x-ray showed that the ileus has gone down considerably and the doctors decided to resume his feeds. YAY!! He started out with small doses of Pedialyte through his feeding tube and then at 10pm, we started him on the good stuff! He was able to drink 1oz by mouth (which he loved!!). Now he is getting small amounts at a gradual pace through his feeding tube. The goal tonight will be to KEEP IT IN HIS TUMMY--please pray that he does not throw up and that his belly will continue to heal. He has his intrafecal spinal tap scheduled for late afternoon tomorrow along with some other chemo drugs. Pray that his lil body will handle all of the medicines and that he will do well while under anesthesia and that God will guide the doctors hands during the delicate procedure. Dylan is still acting fussy and has not slept well at all today--WE BOTH NEED SLEEP TONIGHT--so we will definetly be praying for that too! Well I am exhausted and am going to try to get this little man to go to bed. Until tomorrow................


  1. I am the one that wrote to you about the miracles I have encountered this year with my baby and dogs. Take one day at a time. You all are doing great! I can't stop praying and thinking of you. Looking forward to a positive update...
    DeAnna Adame

  2. Yay for eating again. Every morning, this is the first site I check to see how your little man is doing. Praying for him and for you both. We love you.

  3. We will specifically be praying for Dylan to be able to keep his food down, for wisdom and steady hands for the doctors, strength and endurance for Dylan and sleep for all of you. You guys are doing a wonderful job! God is definately working!

    Deanna Coulter

  4. We are all Praying for little Dylan. I have spread the news throughout my community and family members. God is Great! If ever you are in need of anything, please don't hesitate to ask.
    God Bless.
    Susie and Chris Sifuentes
    623 204 0127