Friday, July 31, 2009

Back to our "home away from home"

Hello everyone!! We are back in the hospital. The plan was to go to the doctors office on Friday and maybe check in to the hospital on Saturday, but God had a different plan. Last night(Thursday), Dylan was had a fever of 101.8 and after talking to Doc we decided to go to St. Joes ER just in case. We are glad we did. His fever went away with Tylenol and then came back at 102.4 a few hours later. They did the regular cultures and a few other tests. We got to hang out in the ER from 10pm-4am--it was so much fun!! :) Then at 4am they decided to admit us, just in case his fever came back. It was great to see friendly familiar faces ready to help us at 4 in the morning! Erik and I were completely exhausted to say the least. I think I slept a total of an hour that whole night. Thankfully we were able to get our same room as before, which is a huge blessing!! Dylan had another fever this morning over 102 and had to get his spa clothing back on--his cold wash cloths--but as with last time, he did not mind it so much as long as I was holding him. He is such a trooper!! At about 10am I felt like I was going to die from exhaustion, and my wonderful sister-in-law, Karyna, came to our rescue!! She came and hung out with Dylan the whole afternoon so that Erik and I could go home to get some rest and pack up our stuff. THANK YOU KARYNA!! I probably could have slept for 12 hours, but the 2hours I did get to sleep were awesome!!
THE NEW GAME PLAN: The new plan is to start Dylan's chemo on Monday and stay at the hospital until he is healthy again from the treatment. In the past this process has taken about two weeks, so that is what we are planning for. We talked to the transplant coordinator and the BMT Doc wants us to start the process after we are done with this last dose of chemo!!!! This is a HUGE praise and answer to prayer. We have been praying that Dylan does not have to go through another month of chemo and we are so thankful that this will be his last dose before transplant. We are going to get more specifics over the next couple of weeks, but we will probably get a week or two of time at home and then we will be off to Tucson for the bone marrow transplant. This would put us in Tucson at the beginning of September. We are starting to get a little nervous about the whole process, so please pray for peace for us and that God helps me specifically to not dwell on it all of the time. As we have said before, there are a lot of complications and/or side effects that can happen and knowing the things that our little boy is going to go through is not easy. We are trusting that God will get him through the process safely, but we know that some of the side effects are inevitable. Nobody wants to watch thier child be in pain, and this is going to be a hard reality to face. Please start to pray now that Dylan does not get a lot of the horrible side effects and that God keeps his body strong!! We are excited to get the process started and to see God work!
Thank you for praying!!


  1. We have continually been praying for you. I've had many people at work ask about my orange bracelet and it gives me a chance to share your story and how God has given all of you the strength through these times. We hope to see you soon. Thank you for sharing with us.
    Urbina Family

  2. I was trying to figure out a way to have a "PLACE" in Tucson for your family and helpers. Just to get a day/nights sleep and be able to return to the hospital to help. Maybe as the time gets closer we could do a schedule or sign up of help so u have help on different days. I don't work a regular schedule so I could be helping in the middle of the week. Ideas anyone? Does anyone know someone in Tucson that might rent a room for this purpose? Just thinking ahead and trying to prepare.
    Aunt Robin