Wednesday, July 22, 2009

....still trucking along

Hello everyone! We have been fever free since Monday at 4pm!! YAY!! We are still waiting for results from the blood cultures to see if anything grows-and to find out what exactly was growing in the first culture that they took. Tuesday was a day of rest for little Dylan. He slept most of the day and was able to get into a really deep sleep--almost too deep!! His heart rate dipped as low as 85, which never happens, and he was scaring me and the nurses! The Doc ordered an EKG to check things out and everything came out NORMAL. He was just REALLY tired :) We are so thankful that the Lord has protected his little heart and is keeping it strong through this whole process. Dylan has taken a while to recover from the chemo treatment on Friday, so they may have to postpone the next cycle which is supposed to start tomorrow. His levels are going down as expected. He will probably hit 0 white blood cells soon and has already gotten a red blood transfusion and will get platelets today--all of this is to be expected. We have to continue to be very careful with visitors and anyone who comes in contact with Dylan. His body is in a very delicate state again and we do not want him contracting anything from anyone. Please pray that Erik and I (along with other family members) are able to stay healthy so that we can be with Dylan. I cannot imagine not being able to be there with my baby!! Dylan has not been eating too well the past few days due to the chemo and seems to throw up anything that we feed him by mouth. So far today he has had an ounce of formula mixed with rice cereal and has kept it down. Please pray he can continue to eat and gain weight. He weighed in last night at a whopping 10lbs 14oz!! Go Dylan go!! Some of the weight is "fake" because he has been pumped with so many fluids to clear out the chemo, but we will take it!


That is all the updates for now!! Thank you for all of your prayers and support!! We love you all!!

In His Hands,


  1. Get lots of rest (haha, good luck) and eat your fruits and veggies! Do you need me to bring you some? We love you guys and are praying hard.

  2. We will be praying that all of you continue to stay healthy. Your strength has been amazing!! You are all in our thoughts and prayers every day. I wear my Dylan braclet proudly and Courtney wears hers on her ankle because it is too big for her wrist. :) We love you guys!


  3. thank you so much for the info and continuous updates. you, erik and especially baby dylan are in my prayers every day, and i'm constantly thinking about him [my dylan bracelet :)] you are in the Lord's hands, He has His arms wrapped around you.

    -Sarah Blackford