Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Blessings from Above

WOW!! Has it already been 3 days since we came home from the hospital?! Time is flying by so fast and we are enjoying every moment!! It was really strange when we were leaving the hospital on Sunday evening. It felt like I was bringing him home for the first time--just this time with a lot of different unknowns. I have been playing nurse mommy and I love it!! I have to flush his broviac, give him his meds with syringes through his feeding tube, and set up the pump for his feeds at night!! I am nurse mommy and proud to do it!! It has been AWESOME, to say the least, to have him home. It almost seems normal again, like it never happened, and it was all a bad dream. I wish it was :( But as long as God has us at this point in our lives, we will make the best of it and be thankful for each and every little thing. Dylan is also enjoying his time at home. He loves all of his toys and all of the new stuff to stare at--ceiling fans are the new favorite!! He has taken the time to relax and chill and fall asleep in mommy or daddy's arms at every possible chance!! He also thought he was done with the hospital stuff and decided to pull out his feeding tube!! Yup, 6 weeks in the hospital and no problems--one day at home and he yanks it out!! He is a little stinker!! Good thing Grandma Praskins was not too far away and came to the rescue :) So far, he has kept the new one in, we will see!! We went to the Oncology Doctor's office today (in MESA!!) for an appointment to check his blood levels and to schedule the chemo for Thursday. Well, his Red Blood levels were good and his White Blood Count was at 12.1!! That is the highest it has been in a long time. The bad thing is that his platelets were low and need to go up before chemo. TRANSLATION= NO chemo tomorrow!! TRANSLATION= we get to keep Dylan at home for a few more days!! YAY!!! God is soooooooo good!! We have to go to another doctors appointment on Friday morning, and then we will go from there. Most likely we will be admitted back into St.Joe's on Saturday. We are beyond thankful for the precious days that we are able to spend with our pumpkin!! It is great being home in our own environment and especially our own beds!! Thank you to everyone for your prayers!!! Please continue to pray that Dylan's levels go up. Also, we will hopefully know more info about when we will be going for transplant on Friday. Please pray that the bone marrow doc will allow Dylan to go for transplant without too much more chemo. We trust that the doctors know what is best and will do what they think is best for Dylan--please pray that God gives them wisdom!! Well, I am going to get back to hanging out with my little guy!! Hope you enjoy the pics! Love Michelle


  1. Oh he such a the picture of him stretched out!! My family and I are praying daily for sweet Dylan.

    Amarillo, TX

  2. i am so happy that he gets to come home for a few days. What a answered pray. He is such a cute baby. Continuing to pray that he grows strong and healthy.